Strategy Creation Rules
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Strategy Creation Rules
2019-09-11 12:10:54
The possibility for all registered users to upload their own strategies was extremely successful. Since then, Xu-Fu has grown immensely thanks to everyone who contributes. On a much smaller scale, however, we saw a number of strategies that were not up to the standards we set out. When I created Xu-Fu's Pet Guides, my goal was simply to provide my own strategies. That later turned into providing the best strategies for each fight and a good variety for all different levels of battlers.
We still think that's a good goal to have, but it's a vague one. The problem it created was that we never clearly defined those standards we'd like to see on the page. In the last weeks, the strategy curators and myself have formulated such guidelines and they are now ready to be shared:

Strategy Creation Rules

We think these rules provide a good compromise between the freedom of uploading your own strategy and our efforts to keep the page accessible and helpful to everyone.
Please have a read through, and leave a comment if you disagree with anything in it.

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Valis wrote on 09/12/2019

Pretty lightweight, seems good.