Meet Rikki -- The New RaF Pet!
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Meet Rikki -- The New RaF Pet!
2019-10-25 06:36:49
On Tuesday, Blizzard implemented a revamp of their Recruit A Friend system, which will now be accessible from your social tab. Along with showing you who you've recruited, it also tracks all the rewards available from the program. For pet collectors out there, it's time to dust off your friend's list and send out a link, because Blizzard has brought us an adorable new companion.

Meet Rikki!

His flavor text reads: Rikki has a talent for sneaking in and out of all manner of small spaces, if bribed properly with figs.


  • Beast


  • Slot One: Swipe / Barrel Toss
  • Slot Two: Banana Barrage / Going Bonkers!
  • Slot Three: Buried Treasure / For Adventure!

Stats at 25

  • Health: 1489
  • Power: 259
  • Speed: 298

My best guess while perusing monkeys is that Rikki is modeled after a type of Capuchin, and he's the reward for the 1st month's subscription of using the program. This means it comes in just above the usual $10 price tag for pets from the in-game shop.

So how about you? Will you be adding Rikki to your roster?

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