About Aranesh

Hello! My name is Aranesh. I'm the creator and site admin of Xu-Fu's Pet Guides. If you have a few minutes, I will gladly tell you a bit about myself.

In World of Warcraft I am playing my trusted hunter Aranesh on Lothar-EU since the very first day of WoW, back in 2005.
Even before, I loved the stories of Warcraft and couldn't look forward enough to roam Azeroth with my very own character. Since that day has come, Aranesh has seen a good number of adventures and changes in this world.
During the first few expansions I was very active and raided a lot, but this time is long over. Still, Azeroth draws me in on a regular basis with its mysteries and stories.
What has been the rush of gathering more set items and beating that next raidboss in a group of 40 (or 25) has faded though, and got slowly replaced by my ever existing obsession for collections: faction reputation, recipes, mounts and - how could it be else - pets of course!

I have very good memories of finally buying that Winterspring Saber during Vanilla WoW, or when finally achieving the "Insane" title, or wielding Thunderfury after so many Molten Core runs. That was during Burning Crusade however. Don't worry, I did not take away that pleasure from any Rogues or Warriors :-)

Or do you remember the hunter epic quest, with the four demons to slay? They required very specific battle tactics and you could only do it by yourself. Even getting a small heal from another player made the demons vanish and you had to wait 4 hours to try again. Definitely a different tuning of difficulty.

Already back then I liked helping others by giving them advice how to beat them and even created a video guide for other hunters.

Whenever an addon was released, I tried to avoid the crowds rushing to the new zones. Sadly my PC didn't manage to cope with that kind of action. Most of the time I was looking for some kind of alternative activity during the first days of an addon.
Mists of Pandaria was no exception, and provided the perfect opportunity: Pet Battles!

While everyone else raced off to quest and fight in Jade Forest, I was taken back many years by prowling through Elwynn Forest, hunting for critters and leveling my very first few pets.
The chosen trio of pets I used was highly unusual: Miniwing, Lil'Deathwing and a Sprite Darter Hatchling. The perks of being an Alliance player and having been a collector in the game for a long time.

Of course, back then the choice of pets was also very limited since the majority of tameable pets was just introduced and needed to be found first!

Fast forward 2 years and I have gathered a nice collection and beat most of the pet battling content, including the Celestial Tournament. As you probably know, beating the master tamers every day is one of the best methods to level up pets, but I was always keen on making this most efficient, but also without having to remember all the individual steps.
You could call it organizational skills, or lazyness. Probably a mixture of both! The result was a large collection of text files with team setups and strategies.
Plenty of friends benefitted from those documents, but they were not exactly user friendly and only available on request.

At this point I have to go a little off-topic. Not surprisingly, my real life is tightly connected to my passion for gaming. I am working in the video game industry for almost a decade by now. Not as a web designer or programmer, but nevertheless it has given me unique insights into the industry, including interface design, publishing and online marketing.
At the same time and even for longer, starting around 2002, I did little projects in HTML as a hobby. They were mostly not related to gaming, but the experience was valuable and by now I think of myself as an advanced amateur in PHP, if that makes sense :-)

The combination gave me the prerequisites, and the idea to say: why not make my guides available online? That way I can use them on any computer I'm playing on, and I can share it much more easily with other pet battlers! And that is how I started to work on this page around the end of 2014.
It took me about half a year until May 2015 to get the first version online and since then I am putting a lot of free time into adding more content and features.

Naming the page was certainly one of the hardest decisions to make. As a hunter, the idea of having a trusted companion on my side was the saving idea. And what better than one of my favourite pets, Xu-Fu!

Xu-Fu's pages have grown to be a way of combining several hobbies into one project, and I hope it brings a lot of joy to all of you pet battlers out there!
Want to know more? Feel free to add me on Battle.net, or write me a mail, tweet me, message me on Facebook or PM me on Lothar-EU :-)

Thank you for reading this, and if this page helped you, or if you want to support me, I would of course be more than happy to accept a small donation which will go towards paying the web server.

Aranesh and Xu-Fu

Aaron wrote on 03/05/2017

Thank you so much for your guides!!! They are amazing! The rematch integration is awesome!


responded on 03/05/2017

Thanks Aaron, happy to hear it :-)

Anonymous wrote on 01/01/2017

Hi, I really like your site and I use it quite often. can you maybe do something about the language always being german when I load this site ? I play the game in english and I would like to read the strategies in english as well. It would be nice if my prefered language would be saved instead of always falling back on my IP address.


responded on 01/01/2017

Hey! That's an interesting side effect. The preferred language should be stored in a cookie and saved for 60 days. Do you perhaps block cookies in general?
If so, perhaps you can change your browser preferences? There is an option for that in every browser and if you switch that to English as primary, my page will accept that and switch to English automatically.

Anonymous responded on 01/01/2017

I use Chrome and I found the option to switch my browser to english but that doesn't fix the problem. As for the cookies, I don't think I'm blocking them in general. I use standard options and don't really know how to change those.
The thing is, when I load the site it uses the language that I last used (English). But as soon as I navigate anywhere else (mostly family familiar right now) the language gets changed back to german.
After I switch it back to english, it stays that way until I close my browser and reopen the site. At that point the cycle repeats itself :)
It's ok if you can't change that, I will keep switching to english manually. I was just wondering because other sites, like wowhead for example, stay english after I change it.


responded on 01/02/2017

Thanks for the detailed description! I was able to reproduce it and I found the error. The language should now stick once you set it :-)
Let me know if there's still an issue with it!

Anonymous responded on 01/02/2017

It works perfectly now. Thank you very much :)


responded on 01/02/2017

You're very welcome! :-)

moorf wrote on 12/29/2016

Hi... I discover your blog and it's excellent... Do u search english/french translator ?


responded on 12/29/2016

Hey Moorf! Thank you very much for the offer :-)
The page is already almost fully translated into French. You will see soon!
Glad you like my page!

Anonymous wrote on 11/08/2016

Anonymous wrote on 11/07/2016

I LOVE your site! if you had an addon for in game that had all the strats so I didnt have to alt tab out, it would be perfect!


responded on 12/21/2016

I know, that would be absolutely amazing :D
Personally I can't code addons, but who knows, maybe a partnership with someone who's interested to do it in the future? ^^

Tutonik wrote on 10/24/2016

I add my voice to the cacophony of Thanks and Well Done. I read my own story in yours. I enjoy collecting, Unfortunately, they took up too much bank/bag space early on and I missed some uniques. Thanks for such a useful and useable site.

Starlytte wrote on 10/22/2016

Your site is amazing! The design is original and sleek. You've done a great job coding, it doesn't bog my computer down. Navigation is a breeze, the interface is intuitive, and I especially love how you've integrated the Rematch string functionality. Obviously you put a lot of work into making this, and I just want to thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us =)

Anonymous wrote on 10/16/2016

Hi, I really love your site. I just wanted to make a suggestion. I'm not always sure which world quests have a family familiar tamer for them. I keep having to look up the achievement to see if the wq tamer is also a family familiar tamer. I was hoping you could add links from the specific world quest page to the family familiar tamer page that they correspond to. Or maybe add a skull next to the world quest name like you did for the family familiar tamers that are extra hard and say this is a family familiar tamer too. Thanks :)

Saintgabrial responded on 12/13/2016

Sorry for the late reply. i was just going through old posts to see what people have been saying. Glad I did. I hope you read this. Also others.

this add-on is a must have for the Family Familiar Acheivement.

Family Familiar Helper
This addon's purpose is to make it easier to see at a glance which Pet battles master Trainers in Legion are for the Family Familiar Acheivement and which pet family has not been used for each tamer for the Family Familiar battle pet achievement.


lamhunka wrote on 10/11/2016

This page is such a great source for all kind of pet battlers. Thank you so much Xufu. Such a perfect work .I am bit experienced pet battler but I have found some new inspirations here Nice simple clearly organized, more strategies in one place. I can not say more then Lyta, Cat, Rigel, SnowyRow say about this page. I am keeping my finger cross for this project and I am looking forward to all new ideas coming... THANK YOU

Rigel wrote on 10/09/2016

New to your site. It is very well done. I love it. I've only started to discover all the great information you have incorporated. Mostly I have been using the Legion World Quest fight strategies and I want to thank you for those. It's great information! One thing I haven't found is the pet family and spells of the pet/pets we are fighting. Is that information there in the fight strats and I just don't know where to find it yet?


responded on 10/09/2016

Hey Rigel! Thank you for the praise :-)

Information about the enemy pets is indeed not captured anywhere. The enemy pet names are sometimes listed in the strategies (when I say for example "use this spell until enemy X is dead". But I have not added it anywhere in a specific place.
The information for it is usually found easily through wowhead, if you click on the name of the enemy on top of a strategy.

Is this info highly important to you? How would you use it if it were displayed on the fights?

Lyta wrote on 10/01/2016

I add my overwhelming thanks to all the rest. Pet battling is my passion but I am a rank amateur so your page is undeniably my go to. Due to lag issues and cpu issues rematch isn't an option and my puter isn't up to it. I love the pop-out feature and all your hard work corralling the best teams in one place. I realize the effort and hours you put into this and can only humbly say thank you.


responded on 10/09/2016

Thank you so much for your very kind words!

Anonymous wrote on 09/12/2016

I can't read the pet names for the flying pets on the legion matrix. It's white text on light yellow. :(

Cat wrote on 09/12/2016

This site is SO FREAKING USEFUL! I'm working on Family Familiar, and it is so great to have team suggestions all in one place. Thank you for doing this!

Painbow wrote on 09/10/2016

This is kind of a strange request, but on the strategies for all your pet battles, could you format it in such a way so we can copy and paste all of the moves for a specific battle into the notes in the addon "Rematch" without there being like 3 spaces between each line and a bunch of empty space? That would be awesome.


responded on 09/10/2016

Hey there! It's not really strange, and something that bothers me as well. I tried to "fix" this to make it easier to copy paste but failed miserably so far. That's why I pushed it back into my backlog of things to do in the future. Right now I have no idea when I'll have the time to revisit the topic I'm afraid :-(

SnowyRow wrote on 08/01/2016

This website is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for all the hard work!

I see on the battles in the upper left-hand corner there is a "Rematch String", which copies when clicked. I have Rematch, but I have no idea how to input the string! Is this a thing?! How do you use it?!

Thanks again!!!


responded on 08/01/2016

Hey there!
You can indeed import the teams with this Rematch String. To do so open Rematch ingame, go to the "Teams" tab (on the bottom) and then on top right there is a button called "Teams" => "Import Teams".
You can paste the string and have the team setup imported directly without hassle :-)

Hope that helps and thank you very much for the praise!!

SnowyRow responded on 08/01/2016

I just tried it. But it doesn't seem to actually be copying it for me... I am on a Mac running OS X, maybe that's why. Is there a place I can go to just manually copy the code?


responded on 08/03/2016

Oh, that is odd! The script copying the strings is a Flash plugin. Do you have Flash activated? If not, that's the problem.
Apart from going to the pages source code there is currently no way to extract them easily. I have that on my (very long) todo list :/
Sorry for that, with Legion coming I don't think I'll be able to change that anytime soon.

SnowyRow responded on 08/03/2016

Oh, it's Flash. That's why - Apple doesn't like flash, so it doesn't work with their stuff. >.<

Oh well, I'll just have to keep importing the groups the old-fashioned way! Thanks for the work you have put into this page!! :)

Jasti wrote on 06/23/2016

Are you working on anything to make Tanaan Jungle pets work with 2 pets so a leveling pet can go in one of the slots.


responded on 06/23/2016

Hey Jasti!
The Tanaan pets do not provide much experience. It's like battling against some random wild pets, so there really is not much use in adding the extra difficulty.

Warcrazydoc wrote on 05/31/2016

Thanks alot for your time and effort to do do this awersone and helpfull page!!! Nm allow I can kill them all. Thank you soo much.

Kyllandra wrote on 05/29/2016

Thank you for taking the time to create such a great pet site! I hope you will update it for Legion when it comes.


responded on 05/29/2016

I'm glad you like it! The legion challenges are already in preparation ;-) I'll make sure to cover those as soon as it's possible!

Sukku wrote on 05/15/2016

Hi there!
This is an awesome helpfully page if you are new to pet battles - as i was a few weeks ago ;-) Thank you so much for collecting all the information and creating this site. I'm now at a point where i would like to take a closer look at the breeding stuff, maybe you have a link or page where i can start?


responded on 05/16/2016

Hey Sukku!
Thank you very much for your kind words!

I'm planning on writing a bit of an introduction on Breeds at some point. For now just a quick intro:
To see them properly, you will need to install an Addon. For example "BattlePetBreedID" (http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/battle_pet_breedid). It also works together with Rematch, if you use that, to display the breeds very comfortably :-)

As for their meaning, there is a lot of mathematics involved. A very good overview is this one: http://www.warcraftpets.com/wow-pet-battles/breeds
It also provides links to additional resources. Hope this helps and if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask :)

Sukku responded on 05/18/2016

Hi Xufu!

Thank you sooo much! Yes, i installed the addons (incl Rematch) and now i'm trying to figure out how they work ;-)

I will take a look at this links on the weekend to see how far i can get with this breeding stuff *lol
Thanks again!


responded on 05/18/2016

Hey! Great to hear back from you! If you do have any questions, feel free to message or mail me!

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