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02/12/2017 - Wailing Critters Guides

The Wailing Critters pet battle dungeon is still the biggest pet addition coming in 7.2
I am preparing my personal guide for the challenge mode, but due to the nature of it I am looking for people interested in providing their own guide.

Why? Well, the pet dungeon is a different kind of challenge. You can't heal or revive pets, okay, but the fights are also not extremely hard like in the Celestial Tournament. There is a huge variety of pets that can beat the individual enemies, but there's just many of them! 11 Individual fights to be exact (in comparison, Celestial Tournament has 7).

The amount of pet variations you can bring is immense and it comes down to finding a good set of combinations. As said I will provide my own, but I believe it better to provide a number of different choices.

So, how do you feel about a different challenge? Just install the PTR client and create a set of strategies for the dungeon, send it to me and I'm happy to add it here!

02/06/2017 - Falcosaur Team Rumbles

Many have asked me to add strategies for the Team Rumble quests for your trusty Falcosaur pets, and I've pushed it back for some time. But not any longer!

We are now adding strategies one by one for each of the Falcosaur quests:

Bloodgazer Team Rumble - Defeat 3 Pet Battle World Quests with your Bloodgazer Hatchling and 2 Beast pets.
Sharptalon Team Rumble - Defeat 3 Pet Battle World Quests with your Sharptalon Hatchling and 2 Magic pets.
Direbeak Team Rumble - Defeat 3 Pet Battle World Quests with your Direbeak Hatchling and 2 Humanoid pets.
Snowfeather Team Rumble - Defeat 3 Pet Battle World Quests with your Snowfeather Hatchling and 2 Undead pets.

They will not get their own category, that would be too confusing. Instead, they will be added as new alternatives for each World Quest.

And it's all made possible thanks to a new team member: Mia! She started working on these strategies today and will add many more over time. Great to have you on board :-)

01/28/2017 - Say hello to Lea!

Introducing another language in which Xu-Fu is available as of now. WoW is translated to this language since quite a few years ago, and the community using it is a large one, yet often unheard or underrepresented.

That makes me even more happy to announce that the third language Xu-Fu's Guides are now translated into is Russian!

A big спасибо - thank you - to Lea! She did this all by herself, using large parts of her spare time, and I am glad to have her on the team :-)

01/21/2017 - Wailing Critters - The new Pet Battle Dungeon

Patch 7.2 hit the PTR today and it brings the pet battle dungeon that was hinted at during last BlizzCon!
I tried it out and want to provide a little preview. If you want to go into the pet dungeon with 7.2 unspoiled - stop reading now! :-)

The dungeon quest starts in Dalarans pet shop at Serr'ah for Horde players and Lio the Lioness for Alliance. After picking up the breadcrumb quest from her you are being sent to the Southern Barrens to meet Muyani, right above the Wailing Caverns instance. She will give you the followup quest Wailing Critters and also sends you into the scenario of the same name.

The scenario has 7 stages and takes quite some time to complete!
Here is a step by step description of the whole thing:

  • Stage 1: Deviate Dangers
    You need to defeat the following three critters:

    Deviate Smallclaw
    Deviate Chomper
    Deviate Flapper

    All three are common (white) with around 1000 health points and the "Elite" buff, taking 50% reduced damage.
    They come with two backline pets which are randomized among the three, so you might face three times the same Deviate, or different ones. There do not seem to be any other random pets in the instance apart from those three.

  • Stage 2: Son of Skum
    Next up is the Son of Skum, an epic beast with the "Boss" buff, which means he can't be dealt more than 35% of his health in one hit, and taking 50% reduced damage. No Iron Starlette easy peesy here ^^

  • Stage 3: Legacy of Fangs
    Once you beat the Son of Skum you will traverse a bit deeper into the caverns to face three serpents:


  • These are all uncommon (green) beasts with around 1200 health and again the Elite buff. They are accompanied by a random selection of the deviate enemies from stage 1 and are only a little bit more dangerous than the previous enemies, but not too special either.

  • Stage 4: Call of the Serpent
    Like before, you are now facing a single, epic quality opponent with the "Boss" buff. This time it is Hiss - Lord Serpentis' Companion, another snake.
    This one doesn't do much else than the previous snakes, but hits a lot harder.

  • Stage 5: Ectoplasmic Growth
    When Hiss is defeated, a pathway opens up which you need to travel along. On the way you will encounter two Growing Ectoplasms, which need to be defeated.

    These are Magic pets of rare (blue) quality, once more accompanied by deviate pets from Stage 1.

  • Stage 6: A Shadowy Figure
    Once you reach the highest platform in the instance, you will see a sleeping, shadowy figure. Approach it and it will give a tiny little back story on what's going on here. Maybe I'm exaggerating that a bit ^^ You'll see, it's funny!

    There's nothing more you need to do to and the next phase begins:

  • Stage 7: Everliving
    Last but not least you face the Everliving Spore. A legendary Elemental pet with 2231 health points and the Boss buff:

    It does a nasty AOE, but can also be defeated without much hassle.

At the end, you can jump back down to the entrance and are being rewarded with an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone and a follow-up challenge: Hard mode!

In the first run you can heal and revive your pets at any time, making it quite an easy experience. The hard mode challenge adds the Celestial Tournament restriction: no healing or reviving. Should you succeed, you will receive a new pet supply sack which can contain a few new pets.

That's it for now, but of course we will provide you with proper strategies before 7.2 hits the live servers!

01/11/2017 - Brawler's Guild anyone?

Patch 7.15 is now live and brought back the Brawler's Guild! There are a couple of new pets available, but maybe even more important for new battlers is good old Clock'em!
You only need rank 3 in the Brawler's Guild to buy Clock'em, which is very useful in many pet fights!
I highly recommended getting this pet before the Brawler's Guild might take another break in the future :-)

Also, if you're low on Pet Charms, you can now buy a new shoulder enchantment in Dalaran for gold:
Boon of the Zookeeper for gold. Much like the other Legion shoulder enchants, this one gives you a chance to loot a satchel of goods from enemies in Legion, which can contain pet goodies like Pet Charms.

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