vs. Zao, Calfling of Niuzao
Rematch String

Strategy kindly suggested by Thanh, thanks!

Turn 1


Turn 2

Call Lightning

Turn 3

Switch to your Cogblade Raptor

Turn 4

Exposed Wounds

Turns 5+

Batter until Zao is dead

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti



Cogblade Raptor



Any PetAny PetPet Details No specific requirements, pick any pet you like. It won't be used anyway.

Strategy kindly suggested by Thanh, thanks!

Turn 1 Supercharge
Turn 2 Call Lightning
Turn 3 Switch to your Cogblade Raptor
Turn 4 Exposed Wounds
Turns 5+ Batter until Zao is dead

Tiny little ox, hitting almost as hard as his father!

Last Update: 02/13/2017

Chefzac wrote on 06/27/2017

TD Script

ability(Supercharge) [self.round=1]
ability(Call Lightning) [self.round=2]
change(Cogblade Raptor) [self.round=3]
ability(Exposed Wounds) [enemy.round=4]

Felina wrote on 05/28/2017

Unborn Val' kry : curse of doom, haunt
Highlands Turkey spam flock till death, had lil bing as back up but didnt need him

Roash responded on 06/25/2017

Worked wonderfully. Thanks.

Roash responded on 07/04/2017

Used this strat again this week. It should be the #1 strat.

Neon responded on 07/18/2017

The highlands turkey doesn't have to be a certain breed either. Especially since your third pet should have less than 200 life to take out.

MolsonofAle responded on 09/19/2017

First time I tried this Curse of doom missed.
Had another Val'kyr. Didn't have another turkey. Used Stormwing with flock for 2nd pet.
Worked Great. Never got to my tonk in 3rd slot.
Thanks for the strat. :-)

MolsonofAle responded on 09/20/2017

My apologies. I meant Haunt missed not curse of doom.

Dragonsoleil wrote on 05/06/2017

Little bit of a close call, but works great! And I LOVE my Cogblade Raptor. Never would have leveled him if it hadn't been for your guide. Thanks!

Badjoojoo - SOE wrote on 01/06/2017

What a deadly strat! :D Wonderful! :)

ThCessford wrote on 12/23/2016

I'm totally new to pet battles and am getting into this tournament. I've been farming all these suggested pets and leveling them but what I don't get from this guide is how you are classing their skills. Eg. Cogblade Raptor 2-1-1. How do I know if mine falls in that "family" when he is lvl 18 and has HP: 977 AP:187 SP: 246?


responded on 12/27/2016

Hey there!
All the guides here assume that your pet is level 25 and of blue quality (unless the strategy itself says differently).
The 2-1-1 is a format for the skill you need to use in each of the three slots. Every slot has 2 options, and you can pick either the first one ("1") or the second ("2").
If you're confused by this, hover with your mouse over the numbers in any of the strategies and you will see the name of the spell. You can compare it with your ingame display and it should make things a lot easier and understandable then!

ThCessford responded on 01/09/2017

Okay that clears things up big time thanks! Haha I thought the 2-1-1 had to do with stats not skills... Whoops >.<

Semaphor wrote on 10/02/2015

On Zao he always uses Niuzao's Charge first which is a non damaging ability. If you have pets that are low from other fights place them in your back row and use Terrible Turnip as the lead pet, cast Inspiring Song then surrender, repeat until back row pets are back to full health


responded on 10/07/2015

Thanks for the strategy suggestion using Fox/Spider combo, I'll check it out!

@Semaphor: Yes, I know about this one, and I'm using it at times, but with how easy it became to level a few more pets (draenor daillies => menagerie vendor) I decided to omit this strategy as it would make the guide even more complicated to follow. It's aimed at people new to pet battles who still want to complete it, and people who just want to breeze through without too much thoughts along the way ^^

Anonymous wrote on 09/28/2015

Optional strategy: Spider burn (i.e, abusing the way dmg effects stack). Also works for Xu-fu.
Any fox (for howl and dazzling dance), crystal spider (any breed), and any spider with brittle webbing and spiderling swarm.
Start with Dazzling dance > Bite > (important step; Fox has to die after casting howl) Howl > In with crystal spider > brittle webbing > Spider swarmling > Crystal prison (preventing Wish) > Swap to the second spider > Brittle webbing > Spiderling swarm


responded on 01/11/2016

Hey, thanks for the suggestion! I tried this but unfortunately it depends on breeds. At least one of the spiders has to have the "Power" breed, or Zao will survive with 35 health and heal back up :/
otherwise it would have been a really beautiful strategy.

Caustic responded on 02/04/2017

Didn't even get close to killing Zao. Doesn't seem to work anymore. I even had a Power breed spider.

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Alternative 1Alternative 1Alternative 1Pets used in this fight:

1. Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
2. Cogblade Raptor
3. Any Pet

Strategy kindly suggested by Thanh, thanks!
2Alternative 2Alternative 2Pets used in this fight:

1. Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
2. Clockwork Gnome
3. Menagerie Custodian

3Alternative 3Alternative 3Pets used in this fight:

1. Wild Jade Hatchling
2. Zandalari Anklerender
3. Darkmoon Tonk

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1. Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
2. Zandalari Anklerender
3. Any Pet

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1. Wild Jade Hatchling
2. Lil' Bling
3. Any Pet

6Alternative 6Alternative 6Pets used in this fight:

1. Wild Golden Hatchling
2. Zandalari Kneebiter
3. Cogblade Raptor

Instead of the Zandalari Kneebiter you can use any other pet with the ability “Hunting Party”, “Flock” or “Swarm”.
7Alternative 7Alternative 7Pets used in this fight:

1. Zandalari Anklerender
2. Lil' Bling
3. Any Pet

Strategy kindly suggested by Remte, thanks!
8Alternative 8Alternative 8Pets used in this fight:

1. Skywisp Moth
2. Cogblade Raptor
3. Any Pet

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