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With Xu-Fu's Pet Collection Viewer you can check the collection of any WoW player fast and easy.
You can filter and sort the table of pets to your liking and search for individual pets as well.

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damiasylver wrote on 10/11/2017

I have the Sky Lantern, but the collection here hasn't picked that up. Micronax is not listed at all (I don't have it either, but it's on WarcraftPets) also, I'm missing a total of 39 pets but the blue ring says 41. Even with these corrections, It's off.
AWESOME guide and site though, I love the ability to add input and search battle strategies!


responded on 10/11/2017


- The Sky Lantern was sadly never added to the armory gateway that pages like mine are allowed to use. No collection tool can track it. It's the same for the newly added Shadow right now. That might be fixed still, but for the Sky Lantern I have little hope. Poor little thing :(
- Micronax added!

Thanks a lot for the info :-)
Can you send me your collection ID or link please? I'dlike to have a closer look ad the discrepancy in the numbers!

damiasylver responded on 10/12/2017


damiasylver responded on 10/14/2017

Sky lantern shows up in my Warcarft Pets.

Jedikitten responded on 10/14/2017

I think WCP had a checkbox to manually add the Sky Lantern to collections. I don't think it was able to be automatically imported.


responded on 10/14/2017

Yep, that's correct. Same for Shadow :-)

Miatog wrote on 10/09/2017

Lol, telling me I have 6 duplicates and when I look it's telling me I have 4 copies of the Guild Page and Guild Herald. No biggy, just laughing at it. Love this info, so fun to see the charts and see how close I am to a maxed out collection!


responded on 10/13/2017

Hey Miatog!
Thanks for the report, that was another very interesting research into the history of WoW :D There are two versions of each the Guild Herald and Guild Page for Horde and Alliance. And it seems that in former times you could have each pet multiple times, with different characters. That's not the case anymore, but players who had more than one back then, still have them in the database.
In game you don't see it, but the connection to the armory picks them up :-)

I put a filter in now to correct this, if you refresh your collection, it should be displayed correctly!

Thaliana wrote on 10/03/2017

Okay, so I just told it level 25 only, and no to duplicates, but it's showing the Albino Buzzard twice (have 2 in my collection), and did away with the Albino Chimeraling which I should have 3 of in my collection.

https://www.wow-petguide.com/index.php?Collection=4692 Using Meriah-Kael'thas since she's the last toon I used for Squirt this morning and logged out on her.

Filters going across read: Level 25, Quality All, Breed All, Families All, Duplicates No, Tradeable All, Collected Yes

I use this all the time to figure out what to gift to friends. Thank you for such an awesome tool!


responded on 10/03/2017

Hey Thaliana!
Thanks for letting me know about these. Here's what I found:

- When pulling data from the armory, the Albino Chimeraling is only appearing twice. Sadly the database connection isn't identical with the armory (or what you see ingame) and sometimes lags behind quite a bit. Nothing I can do about it sadly, I can only work with the data I get. It should fix itself after some time though :-)

- The Albino Buzzard was a really, really nasty bug on my end. Thanks to you I identified it and could fix it :-) That should be fine now. Thank you !!!

Storm wrote on 09/14/2017

I keep getting the same error even after i exitted the game and tried again:
Import was not successful

Please note:
- Characters below level 20 are not available in the armory.
- Inactive characters might also be unavailable until logged in again.

realm: Dragonblight
character: Stormae

Mili responded on 09/21/2017

I don't know if you managed to solve the issue, I had the same issue but then I saw the first realms listed are the US ones, if you scroll down you will see European and Asian ones aswell. :) Either way here is your profile: https://www.wow-petguide.com/index.php?Collection=4232

Nebs responded on 09/24/2017

Thank you! I was wondering what is wrong as I didn't get anything imported. But didn't realize the US/EU servers are not marked in anyway. Would be handy if they would have a (US) and (EU) stated on the realm list :)

Swearengen wrote on 09/01/2017

Madoran Swearengen says I don't have an Unborn Valk when I have 3. Neat tool!


responded on 09/02/2017

Should be working, I just checked your collection and the 3 Valks showed up. Can you give it another try please?

Emma wrote on 08/25/2017

I am presuming this works the same as WarcraftPets.com in that you need to exit the game entirely to update. Correct? Absolutely love this site! Results are much much better than WarcraftPets.com in my opinion.


responded on 08/25/2017

It's the same basic functionality, yes. The armory updates when you log out, and then my page can pick it up ^^
Thank you for the compliment!

Anonymous wrote on 08/23/2017

getting this when trying to use the tool :(

Import was not successful

Please note:
- Characters below level 20 are not available in the armory.
- Inactive characters might also be unavailable until logged in again

Anonymous responded on 08/23/2017

what do the highlighted pets that show up in yellow mean when your toon is loaded into the tool?


responded on 08/24/2017

Yellow means you have duplicates of that pet :-)
Can you please tell me your character name + server so I can check on the error?

Fifrelin wrote on 08/21/2017


Is it normal that I don't see Sprite Darter Hatchling in the list of pets ? It shouldn't be in my collection, but I expected to see it when I put All in the Collected filter.



responded on 08/21/2017

Hey Fifrelin!
That was a nasty, nasty bug in my script. Thank you very much for spotting this. It's all fixed now and I'm really glad I found it thanks to you!!!

Fifrelin responded on 08/22/2017

Happy to be a small contributor to your wonderful website ;-)

Shamaness wrote on 08/19/2017

Hi, thanks for great site. Im having trouble loading my pets, giving me this error:
Import was not successful
Please note:
- Characters below level 20 are not available in the armory.
- Inactive characters might also be unavailable until logged in again.
My char is Shamaness (lvl 110) at Kul Tiras
I have tried this since you released and never been able to load, getting the same error each time. Both when I am logged on my char or not.
Would also like to note that my husband had no trouble loading his pets.


responded on 08/19/2017

Is this working?
If yes, then it was simply a matter of the correct region (US / EU) :-)

Shamaness responded on 08/20/2017

Yes this helped! I didnt see the region choices :D thanks!


responded on 08/20/2017

Anytime :-)

Wildstar wrote on 08/06/2017

I have not reviewed all the pets, but at least these are repeated:

311. Ghost Maggot; 312. Ghost Maggot; 350. Guild Herald; 351. Guild Herald; 352. Guild Page; 353. Guild Page

Because of that, the count in 'Collected of all' graphic is wrong, it does not match.

Anyway, great site and very very good job, fellows.


responded on 08/07/2017

Can you please post a link to your collection? It looks all normal to me regarding the Ghost Maggot.
The heralds and pages are "normal" though, because there are different versions of each available. They all count as individual pets, although in the game you always only see the "best" that you have.

Anonymous wrote on 07/29/2017

giving wrong player


responded on 07/29/2017

Please explain what is happening so I can have a look :)

Prudentius wrote on 07/28/2017

Might want to filter out pets that cannot fight from the Pet Level statistic

Vicmancini responded on 07/30/2017

Filter by level 1-25

Wakamaru wrote on 07/18/2017

I'm noticing an odd bug when viewing my collection. Under duplicates for Azure Whelpling it shows a "2" instead of a "No". I've caged and relearned the pet and waited for armory to update again, but it's still showing 2. I definitely only have the 1. Sorry if this isn't the correct place to post a bug report!


responded on 07/18/2017

Did you try the "Update Collection" button as well? It should grab all pets from the armory again and update the collection here as well. That's sometimes necessary. Let me know if that doesn't solve it!

Wakamaru responded on 07/18/2017

Yes, I have tried this. I checked on it right after the tool was released (same steps) and thought I'd leave it be for a while. When I checked back on it last night it was still doing the same thing. I've clicked update again as well and it still shows as 2. I also had a friend check and update it and it shows the same for them. It's not a huge issue, but I figured it was worth bug reporting. Thanks for the quick response! :D


responded on 07/20/2017

Not so quick this time, sorry. Could you please let me know the link to your collection or your characters name + server so I can check it out myself? Via mail is fine of course if you prefer :-)

Wakamaru responded on 07/21/2017

No worries! I'm sure you are plenty busy. I've emailed you my information. Thanks again! :D

Lelanee wrote on 07/15/2017

Why does it list my Guild Herald and Guild Page 3 times each?

Anonymous responded on 07/16/2017

I'm guessing you have three of each? I have four of each but I'm not surprised as I bought them as I could get them on several characters early on when playing. They're fairly unique as far as pets go as they only show for the character that purchased them when logged in but but on the account level you have however many you've got I'm guessing.


responded on 07/17/2017

The guild herald / pages are a bit special indeed. Your character only sees the "best" one it can access, since there are several upgrade versions of it. In the background however you learn them one after the other and don't replace or actually "upgrade" the one you have, so there are multiple copies of it in your battle.net account and the armory shows all of them.

The same by the way counts for the Argent Squire or Argent Gruntling.

Do you think it would be better to have this stripped down to the "best" you have of each and only show one?

Kreggy wrote on 07/15/2017

The above list includes non combat pets - is this intended?


responded on 07/15/2017

Yes, it is. They are marked without level, quality or breed, but since they are collectible pets, they are included.

Terebus wrote on 07/12/2017

I love this, but I'm seeing a weird hover error. It's showing that I have 7 Chrominius, but when I hover over them, it shows as Dig Rat, Ageless Bronze Drake, etc. I don't think it's affecting the totals, but it is strange. Thanks for the tool!


responded on 07/13/2017

Thanks for pointing this out, I found the error here and corrected it :) It should be working now!

Lelanee wrote on 07/11/2017

Being able to search which tradeable pets I'm missing = win. Thank you so much, definitely my go to tool now. I also love the fact that it shows you exactly how many pets are in each level, going to make leveling a lot easier. :)

Wakamaru wrote on 07/11/2017

This is fantastic - thank you!

Arji - Lothar EU wrote on 07/10/2017

Lovely! (I used petsear.ch alot in the past. But I think that site is not maintained anymore)
Finally I can see at one glimpse what TRADABLE Pets I'm still missing :)

Suggestion: I would love to be able to distinguish a bit better what Server (Region) I'm selecting. I thought it's not working for me until I realized I had the Realm from the US with the same Name as mine wrongfully selected.
Maybe add another Filter to first select the region. Or if that blows it up too much how about putting US or EU after the Name of the Server : Lothar - US ... Lothar -EU
Thank you for all that love (and time!) you invest into the pet community
^_^ Arji

Gráinne responded on 07/11/2017

Don't SAY that! :P I just ran off to check petsear.ch, and it's fine. I'd have to curl up in a ball and die if it stopped working. Or worse, have to write an equivalent set of API pulls myself to update my spreadsheets. :)


responded on 07/11/2017

Big thanks to Deviantelf for going through all pets and adding if they are tradable or not :D

About the region selector - that was a design choice. If you type in your realm namen and it exists in two regions, it will show you both options with a header line indicating the region. I do like this a lot, because it takes away one more selector (US/EU/KR/TW). In the end it's a trade-off, one versus the other. As said, I really like this one so I'm probably going to stick with it for now.

Thank you for the feedback and greetings to Lothar ^^ I spent the majority of my WoW time there :D

Vivienne wrote on 07/10/2017

Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to the battle pet collectors out there!

Piwakawaka wrote on 07/10/2017

I love how you have the Stats presented, and with the search function it makes it a lot easier to see what needs progress compared to Warcraft Pets. Also, now i can get back to stalking my friends/husband and throwing pets at them quickly and easily :D

Deviantelf responded on 07/13/2017

I'm glad I'm not the only one! (I knew I wasn't!) I do the same (with husband and all lol) and was vexed when they took the pet filters off the Armory so much I posted on Warcraftpets about it. Which is how I ended up here (Thank goodness!)

Lillith wrote on 07/10/2017

Love this! Great way to share progress!

Pure Armour wrote on 07/10/2017

very nice feature

Jedikitten wrote on 07/10/2017

I am so excited about this feature! I am loving all the upgrades you are doing to the site. Keep up the good work guys! <3

Daisybelle wrote on 07/10/2017

Very nice :)

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