The Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire - a monthly event that lasts for a whole week and hosts a large variety of fun and games - also contains two pet battle dailies.

The fights against Christoph vonFeasel and Jeremy Feasel (who in reality is also the designer at Blizzard responsible for the pet battle systems), can both be used to level a pet very nicely. They also give a satchel which has a chance to contain one of their pets each:

Darkmoon Eye
Syd the Squid

The drop chance is rather low but you can also buy them on the AH if you prefer. In any way, I wish you good luck in acquiring them!

Below you will find a list of pets that are suitable to beat both Feasels. You do not necessarily need those pets, but with them you can use the first alternative listed here on every fight:





Any Fox



Level PetAny Fox is used against:
Christoph VonFeasel


Ashstone Core



Level PetAshstone Core is used against:
Jeremy Feasel


Lil' Bling



Level PetLil' Bling is used against:
Jeremy Feasel


Iron Starlette



Level PetIron Starlette is used against:
Christoph VonFeasel

Malekith wrote on 03/08/2017

For Jeremy Feasel I'm using Nexus Whelping against Judgment (repeated Tail Sweep) and to start Arcane Storm, Fel Flame against Honky-Tonk and using Gnome against Fezwick (with Arcane Storm to avoid be stun with his Clobber.

Laceyruby responded on 03/11/2017

I would like to know your strat because i don't have a leveled Mechincal Axebeak.

Nick wrote on 02/16/2017

i have a fool proof strat i use each time. its failed once because the npc used a different ability first this week, so its 99% fool proof.

how do i submit a full strat for these 2?


responded on 02/16/2017

You can send me a mail :) Link is on the top left corner of the page

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