vs. Tarr the Terrible
Rematch String

Turn 1


Bring in Fossilized Hatchling

Turn 1

BONESTORM Gladiator Murkalot switches with Gladiator Deathy

Turn 2

Ancient Blessing

Turn 3

Swap to your Level Pet

Turn 4

Swap back to your Fossilized Hatchling

Turn 5

BONESTORM - killing off Gladiator Murkalot in the back row

Turn 6

Ancient Blessing

Turn 7

Bone Bite

Turn 8

Bone Bite Killing of Gladiator Deathy

Gladiator Murkimus comes in

Turns 1+

Use Ancient Blessing on cooldown and otherwise Bone Bite until your Fossilized Hatchling dies.

Bring in your Unborn Val'kyr

Turns 1+

Shadow Slash until the fight is done!

Unborn Val'kyr



Fossilized Hatchling



Any Level 1+ PetAny Level 1+ PetPet Details No specific requirements for this pet.

Turn 1 Haunt
Bring in Fossilized Hatchling
Turn 1 BONESTORM Gladiator Murkalot switches with Gladiator Deathy
Turn 2 Ancient Blessing
Turn 3 Swap to your Level Pet
Turn 4 Swap back to your Fossilized Hatchling
Turn 5 BONESTORM - killing off Gladiator Murkalot in the back row
Turn 6 Ancient Blessing
Turn 7 Bone Bite
Turn 8 Bone Bite Killing of Gladiator Deathy
Gladiator Murkimus comes in
Turns 1+ Use Ancient Blessing on cooldown and otherwise Bone Bite until your Fossilized Hatchling dies.
Bring in your Unborn Val'kyr
Turns 1+ Shadow Slash until the fight is done!


Last Update: 04/09/2017

Szuzsika wrote on 09/29/2017

When you fight the last pet (Gladiator Murkimus) my Ancient Blessing is up the round before he flies up, so I alternated to use Bone Bite 2x, and then Ancient Blessing when he's in the air. If I don't get too many crits from the weather effect, often my hatchling just kills Murkimus and I don't need to use Valkyr

Kathleene wrote on 09/27/2017

This strategy worked very well today. Tarr the Terrible was always a nightmare for me, and I was never able to level any pets on him. I was doing good to just squeak by with three L25s. That was before I discovered Xu-Fu's, however <grin>. Today, I was able to level my shiny, newly uncovered, Ancient Nest Guardian up by twelve levels on Tarr. Thank you, Xu-Fu folks.

Anonymous wrote on 09/08/2017

Graves is so good on this fight with 1/2/2 along with Unborn Val'kyr 2/2/1 you use the combination of Curse of Doom & Haunt, then Grave Destruction & Consume Corpse for healing Graves with Unborn 'Dead' during Haunt just swap levelling pet in for the Stun and you're good

Loncis wrote on 08/17/2017

Right pets. Wrong strat. No Ancient Blessing during this fight. Ever.

1. Haunt
2. Select Fossilized Hatchling. Bonestorm
3. Bone Bite
4. Switch to carry pet. Can be level 1.
5. Switch back to Fossilized Hatchling
6. Bonestorm.
7. Bone Bite
8. Fossilized Hatchling dies, immortal round. Bone Bite.
9. Fossilized Hatchling dies permanently, select Unborn Val'kyr.
10. Select Pass during Heroic Leap.
11. Shadow Slash.


Rayze responded on 09/10/2017

I don't know if this a breed-dependent strat but it didn't work for me. When my level 13 pet switched in, Gladiator Deathy used Scorched Earth, which would've killed any level 1 pet. Also, my FH died before the third pet and the UV died not too long afterwards. Ancient Blessing is a necessity for my team.

Kathleene responded on 09/27/2017

I had problems similar to Rayze's with this alternate strategy. Just couldn't get it to work. Sorry, Loncis. Thanks for the suggestion, tho.

Lumi responded on 10/16/2017

Would someone be able to write a TD script for this version of the strat? has always worked for me and seems faster than the original. Much appreciated if someone does.

Hobbyhorse wrote on 06/16/2017

TD Script - Also working with Ghastly Kid as first pet (Alternative 4)

change(#2) [self(#1).dead]
change(#3) [weather(Scorched Earth).duration = 9]
change(#2) [self(#3).active]
change(#1) [self(#2).dead]
standby [ self(#3).active & self.round=1]
ability(652) [enemy(#1).active]
ability(214) [!enemy.aura(Death and Decay).exists]
ability(998) [enemy.aura(Leaping).exists]

Hobbyhorse responded on 06/16/2017

Sorry. Sometime it is a good thing to read strategy first. This TD Script do not use this strategy. The different is that this strategy use Ancient Blessing, my strategy use Death and Decay (pet 2, spell 2)

Anonymous wrote on 05/07/2017

I, as usual, don't have the pets that people use in their strategies. I used Unborn Val'kyr, Tiny Apparition and Ghostly skull. I used curse of doom whenever I could from Unborn Val'kyr and Tiny apparition and otherwise the spells that cause the most damage Shadow Shock and ghostly bite and shiphon life otherwise. Unborn Val'kyr was the only one left and around 60 health. So, maybe it was good luck.

Anonymous wrote on 04/07/2017

I use 3 bone serpents 1 2 2 they never fail.

Katijia wrote on 03/30/2017

Unclear why, after Gladiator Deathy dies, you would continue to use Bonestorm as a damage dealer? On a single target, Bone Bite does more damage and doesn't sacrifice any of the Fossilized Hatchling's health. I guess it has no material impact on the outcome of the fight, it just seems weird.


responded on 04/09/2017

It should be much clearer now. Thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous wrote on 02/10/2017

After Deathy dies it says to move to turn 6 and repeat.

Turn 6 is Ancient Blessing.

My ancient blessing is ALWAYS on cooldown still at this point. So I can never cast it that round.

I still beat it fine with this strategy. My pet dies and I bring back in Unborn Val'kyr who finishes it off.

But idk why it doesn't work as said no matter how many times I do the fight, I follow the directions perfectly and it is always on cooldown still. Weird


responded on 02/10/2017

I believe it was meant to be Turn 5 - sorry for the confusion. I changed this now :-)

Oona responded on 03/17/2017

To me it doesn't make sense to go back to turn 5. Bonestorm does less overall damage at this point and costs you 10% health. I always go:

Turn 9 - Bone Bite
Then Move to turn 5 etc.

This way, I don't always need Unborn Val'kyr unless I am unlucky.

Ben responded on 03/20/2017

Same. Bone storm is cooler but takes longer and does less damage to a single opponent.

Saintgabrial wrote on 12/02/2016

I'm testing this change (Ancient Blessing over Death and Decay) over and over (2hrs now) to figure out why the change and if it really works better. So far it's not better if not worse, for It can fail and the old way never failed.

I'm assuming this change is to keep the Fossilized Hatchling alive as long as possible and maybe shorten the fight. So far the amount of turns is not much different and the old way never failed if you follow it to the letter. Also repeating turn 5 when there is only one enemy pet alive is not worth the 10% health cost to use while making it harder to keep your hatchling alive longer. Most of the time the hatchling dies too soon.

Gimilkhad responded on 12/20/2016

Not sure what the old way was exactly. I use this team, but here is the order that works for me without fail:
1. Haunt
2. Swap to leveling pet
3. Swap to Fossilized hatchling
5. Bone Bite until the next
7. Bite until Hatchling dies
8. Swap back to Val'kyr
9. Shadow Shock until enemies are dead

Fosilized hatchling does get stunned once, but it's never a problem for me.

Morbink responded on 12/23/2016

Works for me every time. Only change I make is when Murkimus comes in, I do:

1. Bone Bite
2. Bone Bite
3. Ancient Blessing
4. Bone Bite - Murkimus dies.

Haven't needed to finish off with Unborn Valk since I switched to that order.

Anonymous responded on 01/02/2017

Didn't even worry about trying the new version since the Death and Decay version from before never failed anyway.

Beefriedrice responded on 02/11/2017

I might have oversimplified my explanation. I follow the bonestorm > Ancient blessing > bone bite > bone bite rotation until after the second bonestorm (when murkalot dies). The two uses of ancient blessing give him just enough HP to last until Murkimus's jump. Sometimes Murkimus dies that round, but worst case scenario is that the Val'kyr has most of its health left to finish the job if Murkimus is still up at that point.

Evil wrote on 11/12/2016

Boneshard 2/2/2 Creepy Crate 1/2/2 Level 1 Pet

Curse of Doom -> Bonestorm -> Creepy Chomp

swap to leveling pet (to soak the stun) swap to Boneshard

Bonestorm, Bonestorm, Bonestorm

swap to Creepy Crate -> Creepy Chomp -> Creepy Chomp

PS: This also works with Boneshard and Fossilized Hatchling, just tactic is bit different, because Creepy Crate is faster

Badjoojoo - SOE responded on 12/10/2016

This is my favorite technique! It should be added as an alternative!

Michelle responded on 12/24/2016

I gave this one a try today and really liked it. I agree it should be added as an alternative. Thank you for posting it!

Saintgabrial responded on 12/24/2016

I'll have to test this myself and possibly add it as an alternative.
Thanks Evil and those that tried and liked his Strategy.

Kayz wrote on 11/03/2016

It didn't work on 3 tries with death & decay on Fossilized Hatchling - get stunned every time right there. Swapped to leveling pet, but wiped. Heal was better option for me but still need 3rd pet to help out could not carry a really low level pet.

Beefriedrice wrote on 11/03/2016

Same general strat but very consistent, change the Fossilized Hatchling to (2/1/2). Open the same first 2 turns, then on turn three Ancient Blessing, Turn 4 and 5 switch in your level pet and back to the hatchling, then do a rotation of bonestorm, ancient blessing, bone bite, bone bite on repeat until your hatchling dies, then finish off whats left with the val'kyr.

Warkai wrote on 09/05/2016

Small mistake Murkimus is the last one you face not the one that dies in back row.

Anarchy wrote on 09/05/2016

Is Alternative 1 100%? I have attempted it 6 times following your guide and it keeps failing :( Whilst posting something slightly negative I would like to also state I love the format of the website and the guides are amazing :)

Also wouldn't Shadow Shock be better for Unborn first skill?

Warkai responded on 09/05/2016

Where is it failing? I just did it right now worked first time like it always does. I cant be a species issue unless the unborn haunt makes that much difference? murk not die at 6? if you have bad rng fossil can fail to take out second pet but that happens very rarely. Tell us what is happening.

Anaarchy responded on 09/07/2016

Murkalot kept surviving on 26 hp but I just did the fight again with the above tactics and it worked perfectly, I must have been getting some really poor rng :D

Kerviel responded on 09/25/2016

Yeah must have been some really bad RNG because I have used this strat daily for a long time without ever having it fail. I concur this is the best site for pet battle strategies, so thank you and keep up the amazing work.

Rhett responded on 11/02/2016

I have never had this fail you must be doing something wrong.

Iziey wrote on 08/29/2016

I've been using the strategy for months, it seems. Recently I decided to use Ancient Blessing (2) for my Fossilized Hatchling. I use it in place of Death and Decay, continue swapping to my leveling pet and back to Fossilized Hatchling. When the 3rd Murlock comes out (with no crits) you are able to bone bite him twice. While the 3rd Murlock is in the air, put up Ancient Blessing before he attacks which leaves you with anywhere from 15-20 HP on your Fossilized Hatchling. Just enough for one more bone bite without bringing back your Unborn.

I had so much trouble with this fight in the beginning and I love your strategy guides. Thank you for making much pet battle experiences so much less dreadful!


responded on 11/25/2016

I changed it, thank you very much :-)

Warkai wrote on 08/20/2016

I can understand why you have this strategy last because of the difficulty getting an Unborn but since this is much easier than number one maybe have a note that if you have a Unborn go to six :)


responded on 08/21/2016

Makes perfect sense, I moved it :-)

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2. Fossilized Hatchling
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1. Unborn Val'kyr
2. Fossilized Hatchling
3. Any Level 1+ Pet

This is similar to the original with Death and decay vs Ancient Blessing. Also never fails. Breeds that we know work: Unborn Val'kyr - H/H and B/B. Variation of the original.
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1. Ghastly Rat
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