Falcosaur Team Rumble

One of the perhaps cutest additions to the pet battling world are the four Falcosaur pets obtainable through Legion World Quests.

There are plenty of guides available online, so I will not repeat them here. I can recommend for example this one.

One of the last steps in the quest chains asks you to complete pet battle world quest with your Falcosaur and pets from a specific family. These can be a bit tricky and that is why this section here exists.
Here you will find a strategy for every Falcosaurs individual challenge, for every single world quest!

A huge thanks to Jagûar for this immense effort!

Anonymous wrote on 07/29/2017

Please... Show Mana Tap - Surging Mana Crystal

Jerr wrote on 07/24/2017

I haven't made to Team Rumble (Day-14) yet and I'm currently working on Team Up (Day-5). Although both Day-5 and Day-14 are pet battle quests, the requirements are different.

The Day-5 quests need to "summon the falcosaur out" instead of "let the falcosaur join the battle", which means as long as you summon falcosaur with you before the battle, you get credit even without it actually in your battle team. Unfortunately, this also means you can't get credit for 2+ falcosaur quests with 1 world quest.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but it might be helpful for someone who confuses these quests. :)

Thanagarian wrote on 06/17/2017

Is there any way that we can have a separate list of pets for each falcosaur pet?


responded on 06/24/2017

I'm afraid that's currently not possible. Would require quite a lot of coding from my end. I hope I'll be able to do something similar which should serve the same purpose more or less soon :-)

Casilandra wrote on 05/01/2017

So far I have completed 3 Fight night world quests and they have not counted towards any of the quest goals with the Falcosaur pets

Casilandra responded on 05/01/2017

I tired again the same Fight Night Amalia on an alt and used the same line up but I started with the Falcosaur, it seems that it is the same as levelling, the Falcosaur needs to engage in the battle for it to count

Jagûar responded on 05/21/2017

Chance is that Blizzard have changed it and thereby given me the chance to correct/find new strategies for 152 strats...

However, the fights here are for the Team Rumble... Please make sure that those are the fights you're doing and not any of the others...

Jagûar wrote on 04/23/2017

I haven't done every single one of them alone. There were those who took their time to send in their suggestions, which I have all tried and tested and the ones that have made it on to your site, are those that passed. To all of you who've sent in strategies, both those that are on the site and those who didn't make it, I would like to say Thank you.
And to XuFu: Thank you for letting me on "your team". I have enjoyed very much to solve the puzzles to make the strategies work, some with no/very little RNG and others with a lot of RNG.

//Jag - Draenor EU.

Amber wrote on 04/23/2017

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but this isn't actually in the sidebar yet?

Jagûar responded on 04/23/2017

If you mouse over Legion (on top), then go to Falcosaur Team Rumble, it should work.

If it's not entirely working for you yet, it's because XuFu has only just moved it like a day or so ago and he's been sick as well.
XuFu and I agreed that it would be better to give it it's own section.



responded on 04/23/2017

It should be all there now :-)

Amber responded on 04/24/2017

Oh! I figured it out. The sidebar looks exactly like it does for the Legion main pages, but this time all the masters listed under each zone are teams set up with Falcosaurs. GOT IT. That was not obvious to me without actually clicking on the teams >.> Thanks for your responses :)


responded on 04/25/2017

Of course, anytime :-)

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