Pandaria's Master Tamers

My home and refuge.
Green pastures, rivers filled with fish, mountains to climb and plenty of critters to chase.

Pandaria is where my heart lies, and also where I have the best opportunities to hone my skills! The pet battle system was introduced with Pandaria which explains why this continent hosts more challenges than any other.

Let us begin with the Pandaria Master Tamers

In the beginning there were... pet trainers. Just like you can find them all over Azeroth. There is one in every zone and they pitch level 25 pets against you. The fights are of varying difficulties, but overall not very hard. After you beat them once, they offer a daily quest each and the reward is a Sack of Pet Supplies, but the main reward is the experience you can gain when bringing a small pet along!

This map gives you an overview of the Master and Spirit Tamers locations and suggests a route that you can follow when starting from your factions shrine:

Below you will find a list of pets that are suitable to beat all of the Pandarian Master Tamers. You do not necessarily need those pets, but with them you can use the first alternative listed here on every fight:








Level PetChrominius is used against:
Farmer Nishi
Courageous Yon
Wastewalker Shu
Seeker Zusshi


Clockwork Gnome



Level PetClockwork Gnome is used against:
Aki the Chosen
Hyuna of the Shrines


Forest Moth



Level PetForest Moth is used against:
Wastewalker Shu


Nether Faerie Dragon



Level PetNether Faerie Dragon is used against:


Zandalari Anklerender



Level PetZandalari Anklerender is used against:
Aki the Chosen


Any Moth



Level PetAny Moth is used against:
Wastewalker Shu


Emperor Crab



Level PetEmperor Crab is used against:
Seeker Zusshi


Nexus Whelpling



Level PetNexus Whelpling is used against:
Farmer Nishi


Anubisath Idol



Level PetAnubisath Idol is used against:
Hyuna of the Shrines


Emerald Proto-Whelp



Level PetEmerald Proto-Whelp is used against:
Courageous Yon


Darkmoon Tonk



Level PetDarkmoon Tonk is used against:
Wastewalker Shu


Darkmoon Zeppelin



Level PetDarkmoon Zeppelin is used against:


Kilashandra wrote on 01/14/2017

Note that for all the tamers, except Zusshi and Beasts, you can leave a level 1 toon at the pet battle and just switch between toons. On rare occasions a hawk will come out of nowhere on the Thundering Spirit. : (

Dominia wrote on 01/07/2017

/way The Jade Forest 48 54 Hyuna of the Shrines
/way Valley of the Four Winds 46 44 Farmer Nishi
/way Dread Wastes 55 38 Wastewalker Shu
/way Kun-Lai Summit 36 74 Courageous Yon
/way Townlong Steppes 36 52 Seeker Zusshi
/way Krasarang Wilds 62 45 Mo'ruk
/way Vale of Eternal Blossoms 31 74 Aki the Chosen

Louk wrote on 10/18/2016

It would be super awesome if you could add the breeds for the pets you are suggesting. The most awesome thing would be, if you made a seperate tab with various different useful pets and their best breeds. :)


responded on 10/18/2016

Hey Louk!
Almost all my strategies (99%) do not require a specific breed :-)
I hear you, and such a guide of recommended breeds for certain pets would make perfect sense, but right now I am focusing on other goals with Xu-Fu's guides.

SomeEUPlayer wrote on 09/13/2016

If you have a quick port to your faction's shrine (e.g. as a Mage), you can use it after Water Spirit and Mo'ruk to get to the next trainer faster.

Remte wrote on 01/24/2016

I'd like to see a map that includes all of the Pandaria activities (Beasts, Trainers and Spirits) at once, but I have no idea where it would be put. :)

I often miss that pesky Water Spirit. :P

Anonymous responded on 05/03/2017

This is the solved TSP for a complete circuit of all 21 fights with no teleporting: http://i.imgur.com/EwNOFZi.png

Other than parked alts or strategic hearthstone attunement, it seems your shortest travel distance is to make two sweeps starting from Vale (NW route from Farmer Nishi, clockwise spiral from Thundering Pandaren Spirit for the rest), or [Alliance] one from Vale and two from Paw'don village. Unfortunately, the Peak of Serenity (monk teleport) does not seem to be a shortcut to any of these (the closest point is Kafi and Yon is closer).

(Anyone who would like to make a prettier graphic is welcome to do so without attribution.)

Anonymous responded on 05/15/2017

I've tested this now. With efficient teams, no bad crit luck, and only a little stopping to hit rares or gather, an Alliance character could battle from Shrine to Nishi to Zusshi in about 25 minutes, from Paw'don to Gorespine in about 17, from Paw'don to Nitun in about 6, and from Shrine to Whispering Pandaren Spirit in about 7. Taking four trips cuts out long flights of nothing except for the one to Mo'ruk. Incidentally, I have slow loading and it is still slightly faster to take the Dalaran portal to Shrine than it is to fly back from WPS. All in all, this takes longer than most people would want to make a daily routine even in the best of circumstances.

One good route for Horde is to pick up Beasts of Fable quests, then start with Zusshi (AFK flight path to or hearthstone at Shado-Pan Garrison / Isle of Thunder), to Nishi to Mo'ruk to Gorespine; port to Shrine, then sweep the rest starting from Thundering Pandaren Spirit.

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