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1. Introduction
2. Humanoid
3. Dragonkin
4. Flying
5. Undead
6. Critter
7. Magic
8. Elemental
9. Beast
10. Aquatic
11. Mechanical

Last updated 2019-03-11

1. Introduction

This is an overview of the currently best and/or most used pets in PvP sorted by their families. With this list we want to help you find a pet of a certain class to either build a competitive team around or to fill a spot in an already existing one. Please keep in mind that those pets are rated in comparison to only other pets of the same family. That means that some families are far stronger than others and therefor pets of some kinds may be inferior to those, even though both are listed as being the best in their own family (I'm looking at you magic pets).

If you disagree with some of our choices or got any suggestions/questions please let us know in the comment section.
-Shenk & Rosqo

2. Humanoid

Anubisath Idol 1/1/*
S/S Bonkers */2/2
Curious Wolvar Pup */1/2 or */1/2 with a bleed
S/S Fiendish Imp 1/1/2
S/S or P/P Flayer Youngling
Hopling 2/*/1
Kun-Lai Runt */2/2
Murkalot 2/1/1
S/S or P/P Ore Eater 1/1/1
S/S Qiraji Guardling 1/2/2
S/S Rebellious Imp 1/1/1
Squirky */1/2
S/S Sporeling Sprout 1/2/2
Wyrmy Tunkins 2/1/* /Horde Fanatic/Alliance Enthusiast 1/1/*

3. Dragonkin

S/S Bronze Whelpling 1/1/1
P/S Emerald Proto-Whelp */2/2
S/S Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling/ S/S Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling */2/2
Infinite Hatchling 1/1/*
Infinite Whelpling 2/2/*
S/S Nether Faerie Dragon/Sprite Darter Hatchling
Stormborne Whelpling/Nexus Whelpling 1/2/2
P/S Twilight Clutch-Sister 2/1/2
Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon

4. Flying

Albino Duskwatcher 2/1/2
P/P Axebeak Hatchling 2/1/2 or any other toucan
Cobalt Raven 1/1/1
Crimson Bat Pup 2/1/1 or any other flier with Call Darkness+Nocturnal Strike (and 292+ speed or 300+ power)
Direbeak Hatchling */2/*
Fel-Afflicted Skyfin 2/2/2
P/P Fledgling Kingfeather 2/2/1 or any other buzzards or eagles with Cyclone
Orphaned Felbat 2/2/2
P/P Parasitic Boarfly 2/1/1
Royal Peachick 1/1/1
P/P Shore Butterfly */1/2
Sentinel's Companion */2/1
Shimmering Aquafly 2/1/2
P/P Yellow Moth 2/1/2 (or 2/*/1 with a hit chance buff) or any other moth

5. Undead

H/P Blightbreath 1/2/1
P/S Blighthawk 1/*/2
S/S Bone Serpent 1/2/2
Fragment of Anger 2/1/1
Frostwolf Ghostpup 1/2/2
S/S Ghost Maggot */2/1
Graves 1/2/*
P/S Blighted Squirrel 2/2/2
Leper Rat 1/2/1
Macabre Marionette */1/2
Rattlejaw */2/2
Son of Sethe 2/2/1
S/S Spectral Raven */1/1
H/H Spirit Crab
H/H Unborn Val'kyr*/2/*
S/S Wicked Soul */2/*
Widget the Departed 1/2/1

6. Critter

S/S Dust Bunny 2/2/1; Noblegarden Bunny 2/2/1 or any other 357 speed rabbit
S/S Frostfur Rat 2/1/2
P/S Giant Woodworm */1/1
P/P Gleamhoof Fawn 1/2/2 or any other P/P or S/S fawns
S/S Grizzly Squirrel 2/2/1 or any other S/S squirrels
Lovebird Hatchling 2/1/1
Needleback Pup 2/2/1
S/S Prairie Mouse 2/*/2
S/S Pygmy Marsuul 2/2/1
S/S Sneaky Marmot */2/*

7. Magic

S/S Arcane Gorger 2/1/*
P/P or S/S Blood Boil */1/1
Brightpaw */2/1
Celestial Calf 1/2/1
Enchanted Broom
Enchanted Pen 1/*/1
Hyjal Wisp 2/1/1
Living Fluid
S/S Nordrassil Wisp 2/1/*
Servant of Demidos 1/*/2
Shadow 1/2/*
Spectral Porcupette 2/1/2
Stardust 2/*/2
S/S Void Shardling 1/*/2
Willy/Cross Gazer 1/2/2

8. Elemental

S/S or P/P Autumnal Sproutling 1/1/1 or 2/1/2
P/P or S/BBlazehound 2/1/2
Blossoming Ancient/Broot 2/2/2
Everliving Spore 1/2/1
H/P Fozling 1/2/2
S/S Jademist Dancer 1/2/1
Lil' Ragnaros */1/2
H/P Living Sandling */2/2
Magma Rageling 1/1/2
Molten Corgi 1/1/1
S/S Nightshade Sproutling 1/2/1
Paradox Spirit
H/S Ruby Droplet */2/2

9. Beast

S/S Alpine Foxling 2/1/2
Bloodstone Tunneler 1/2/1
Cinder Pup 2/2/1
Crystalline Broodling 1/1/1 or any other Drain Blood legion spider
Death Adder Hatchling/Rose Taipan 1/1/2
Guardian Cobra Hatchling 2/1/*
S/B Infernal Pyreclaw 2/*/1 /Deathsting Scorpid 1/1/2
H/P or H/S Kovok 1/1/* /Kunchong Hatchling 1/1/2
Poda */1/1
H/S Scalded Basilisk Hatchling 2/2/1
H/P Silithid Hatchling 1/1/2
Stunted Direhorn/Pygmy Direhorn 1/1/1
Thaumaturgical Piglet */2/2
Twilight 2/2/2
Vengeful Porcupette 2/1/1
Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen */*/2 /Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu */*/1
Zandalari Shinchomper 2/1/2
Zandalari Toenibbler 2/2/2

10. Aquatic

Benax 1/*/1
S/S Coastal Bounder 1/1/*
P/P Emperor Crab 2/1/1
Hermit Crab 1/1/1
S/S Leopard Tree Frog 2/*/1
H/P Leviathan Hatchling 1/2/2
Magical Crawdad 2/1/2
Puddle Terror */1/2
Purple Puffer 2/2/2
S/S Shadowback Crawler */1/*
Snarly 1/1/2
Tonguelasher 1/*/1 or 2/2/1
Tragg the Curious 1/1/*

11. Mechanical

P/P or H/P Blackfuse Bombling */2/2
S/S Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot 2/2/1 /Mini Thor 1/2/1
S/S Cogblade Raptor 2/2/1
H/P Dibbler */1/2
Iron Starlette 1/1/1
Knockoff Blingtron */1/1
S/S Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar 2/2/1
Lil' Bling */2/1
Lil' XT/Landro's Lil' XT 1/2/2
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling 1/2/2
Mechanical Prairie Dog 2/2/2
S/S Mechanical Scorpid 2/1/2 or */1/1 with a multi-hit pet
Son of Animus 1/2/1
Tinytron */1/1
Warbot 1/2/1

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wrote on 03/09/2019

OK, handy as a first reference.

Everyone will have their own views on what they find works best, and that will doubtless be a whole lotta fun, but before we get into that, I suggest two things:

1. You NEED to specify Breed and context, where relevant. A B/B Fiendish Imp is a chocolate teapot.

2. What is the sequence intended to be for each family? It's not alphabetical. Is it random, or are you listing them in order your opinion of their value for PvP?
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wrote on 03/09/2019

1. i agree, but i was kinda busy and wanted to get that published. adding breeds and recommended movesets is something I could add to most of the pets, but for some of them I'd rather let people experiment with it ... I'll get that done ;)
2. it's just as they came to our mind. no ranking. could make it alphabetical, but in order of value would, for the most part, be vague, since it's hard to measure the value of them
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wrote on 03/09/2019

Agreed. The problem is, if they are not alphabetical, people will read them as being in order of power /value.