Sternfathom's Pet Journal

Sternfathoms Pet Journal is a new way to introduce a pet battle quest in Legion.
The item as you can see is a toy located in a treasure chest in Aszuna. Below map shows you the location, and to make it even easier, Cymre kindly created a video guide how to find it.

Using the journal in Aszuna summons a Shipwrecked Captive who offers a weekly pet battle quest that yields 4 Pet Charms when completed.
The fight itself is not very hard and can be used to level pets. Currently in the beta, as long as you do not hand in the quest, the fight can be repeated endlessly and is therefore a very good source for pet experience.
This is very likely to be fixed at some point!

Remte wrote on 03/30/2017

UPDATE: The Captive's pets now use all three spells instead of only two of them!

Remte wrote on 01/09/2017

Pet battle area is obstructed.
Pet battle area is obstructed.
Pet battle area is obstructed.
Apparently he likes murlocs very much, as all you can do is visiting shallow water pools.

Arji wrote on 10/28/2016

You can still do it repeatedly, but I assume the XP got nerfed. My lvl 9 Leveling Pet just got somewhat around 400 xp

Anonymous wrote on 10/16/2016

so don't turn in the quest? If I do then i can't do the 1 battle a day? What does the toy do otherwise?


responded on 10/16/2016

Up to you! If you want to repeat the quest endlessly, don't turn in the quest. If you want the quest reward, turn it in :-)
The toy only summons the NPC, nothing else.

Anonymous wrote on 09/21/2016

Was the XP nerfed? It seems to award a small amount of XP

SomeEUPlayer responded on 10/26/2016

Seems that way. My level pet only got enough XP to level from 10 to 11.

Zerkonia wrote on 09/14/2016

Do you happen to have a levelling strategy for this fight?


responded on 09/14/2016

Hey Zerkonia! Yeah, I do! It's a bit inconvenient I know but click on the link on the upper left side to "Shipwrecked Captive" :-)

Zerkonia responded on 09/14/2016

Ah, I didn't notice that link there, thank you for pointing it out lol

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