Pet Tools

With hundreds of pets in World of Warcraft and many of them tradable, keeping an overview can become overwhelming very quickly.
To combat that Xu-Fu is offering a growing selection of tools to help you make the best choices for your own collection:

Pet Collection Viewer

A fast and easy-to-use tool to see all pets in a players collection. It offers detailed statistics and filters to find exactly what you need.


This fantastic tool created by Morazor allows you to check how lucrative your duplicate pets are, scan the auction house on multiple realms for pets you are missing and much more!

Do you know an amazing tool that would fit perfectly here?
Leave a comment or write a mail to let Xu-Fu know!

Oona wrote on 07/16/2017

Not a tool maybe, but could there be a guide/link to the app that lets you use scripts?

Oona responded on 07/24/2017

I figured it out, but still, links to some of the add-ons would be good tools.


responded on 08/02/2017

Hey! Yes absolutely. An Addons section is on my todo list.

Daisybelle wrote on 07/10/2017

Magpie is very much appreciated. Got the auction prices for missing pets on 5 different realms in about 15 minutes. :)

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