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10/21/2016 - Click-To-Copy returns!

Good news - when you click on the "Rematch String" button on any strategy, it will now (again) directly copy the string into your clipboard. Yay! And if your browser doesn't support it, the old popup will show so that you can still copy the code easily.

All made possible thanks to Remte who made me - a little by accident - aware of clipboardjs.com.

That's it - it's working, enjoy! :D

10/11/2016 - The future of WoW-Petguide.com

If you are following Xu-Fu's guides for some time already, you will know that I like to add new features and improve the page constantly.

So, what is all this invisible background work for? Preparation, mostly! Today I want to provide an outlook on what I'm planning with the page for the coming 12 - 16 months. Quite a time-span, I know :-)

One of my major concerns is to keep the strategies up to date. Legion keeps me busy, but you might have noticed many updated strategies already. Doing this will always run parallel to the plans I have.
And those are the following:

  1. A multi-lingual page.
    Xu-Fu learns new languages, yay! The background work is all done, with just some minor translations necessary. Once that is done, Xu-Fu’s pet guides will be available in English and German.
    Nyari, MVP in the official German WoW forums, long time pet collector and pet battle enthusiast, is working together with me to make this possible.

    What about other languages you might ask? All set up for many parts, but I want to test how German goes and see from there :-)

  2. Re-designed landing page
    Right now this here is the landing page, and that will change! I want to build a proper introduction page with some information about Xu-Fu and the people behind, and perhaps some links to other resources like those of excellent theorycrafters or useful addons.

  3. User Logins.
    Yes, that's in the works!
    It will be a huge undertaking and probably not be done this year, but I want to offer more convenient usage of the page for you. Having a proper user system would open up so many possibilities, here's just a few ideas (but no promises, yet!):
    - Pick your own (permanent) avatar
    - Link your armory and sync your pet collection
    - “Clever” strategies, highlighting those you have the pets for
    - Voting on strategies or picking your favourite alternative
    - Messaging system
    - Administrating your comments
    - Some kind of reputation system perhaps?
    - Different page styles?
    - and many more

  4. User Alternatives
    Right now submitting strategies all goes through me: you send me your ideas, I test them when I have time and add them if they work out.
    How about we scrap the middle-man and you post strategies directly to the page?
    I will still keep Xu-Fu's strategies, but how about a separate tab with user submitted strategies? That's where voting on strategies could come in handy!

  5. ???
    And when all the above is done, I’m sure there will be more cool ideas to realize. Do you have any? Share them with me :-)

When I started this project, I never thought so many would share the joy of pet-battles. During the last one-and-a-half-year however you guys reached out to me from all over the world with almost daily more visits. This community is growing and very positive and reinforcing throughout. It gives me a lot of strength, endurance and most of all happiness to continue my work. I'm very glad you guys are working together with me on this content and I want to give you something back - a more convenient stay on my page. So here's a big thank you to the pet-battle community - to you!

09/28/2016 - Invisible work - again!

Hey everyone!
It's really quiet around Xu-Fu right now, sorry for that. I'm occasionally testing fights and fixing errors - recently I went through all the family fights against Amalia, but I sadly didn't have enough time to check strategies for Bredda as well. She's a tough one!

But apart from that I have not stopped working on this page, far from it! I however noticed more and more oddities appearing when it comes to special characters not being displayed correctly or database entries with apostrophes or similar not being pulled. And after some research I found the source of it - wrong character encoding on some parts of the page, a very annoying issue that I will now repair from the ground on.

That means going through every single part of the code and adjusting things, but also running scripts through the entire database to reflect the changes. It will not all be done at the same time, so you might see some weird formatting at times but don't worry, if that happens it means I'm currently working on it and it should usually be fixed again within a few minutes.

Enough boring details! One more thing: Thank you. For all the comments and suggestions. Even the strategies that are currently not working poorly, you all are amazing in providing solutions in the comments and helping each other out. Thank you very much!

09/24/2016 - Back from vacation!

Hey everyone!
I'm back and relaxed and ready to put some more work into wow-petguide.com!

But oh wow - altogether I received more than 500 comments, emails and strategy suggestions! Thank you very, very much everyone for your participation and interest. It is another proof for me that the pet battling community is one working together immensely and really out there to help each other.

Thank you!

Sadly, it's impossible for me to answer to every single comment, or test every single strategy.

So what I'm going to do next is cluster some of the topics and add strategies where they are missing. I still fully intend to bring you the most reliable strategies out there, and given time and all your immense help, I'm sure this will also be the case for Legion!

09/17/2016 - Xu-Fu goes on vacation

After todays "Sir Galveston" Marathon, it's time for some quietness. As the title says, Xu-Fu is going on a vacation!

I'll be gone for a week and won't be able to check any strategies or make updates. But please don't stop sending me your thoughts and suggestions, I'll go through them when I'm back!

Have a great time on the Broken Isles and see you next week!

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