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09/28/2016 - Invisible work - again!

Hey everyone!
It's really quiet around Xu-Fu right now, sorry for that. I'm occasionally testing fights and fixing errors - recently I went through all the family fights against Amalia, but I sadly didn't have enough time to check strategies for Bredda as well. She's a tough one!

But apart from that I have not stopped working on this page, far from it! I however noticed more and more oddities appearing when it comes to special characters not being displayed correctly or database entries with apostrophes or similar not being pulled. And after some research I found the source of it - wrong character encoding on some parts of the page, a very annoying issue that I will now repair from the ground on.

That means going through every single part of the code and adjusting things, but also running scripts through the entire database to reflect the changes. It will not all be done at the same time, so you might see some weird formatting at times but don't worry, if that happens it means I'm currently working on it and it should usually be fixed again within a few minutes.

Enough boring details! One more thing: Thank you. For all the comments and suggestions. Even the strategies that are currently not working poorly, you all are amazing in providing solutions in the comments and helping each other out. Thank you very much!

09/24/2016 - Back from vacation!

Hey everyone!
I'm back and relaxed and ready to put some more work into wow-petguide.com!

But oh wow - altogether I received more than 500 comments, emails and strategy suggestions! Thank you very, very much everyone for your participation and interest. It is another proof for me that the pet battling community is one working together immensely and really out there to help each other.

Thank you!

Sadly, it's impossible for me to answer to every single comment, or test every single strategy.

So what I'm going to do next is cluster some of the topics and add strategies where they are missing. I still fully intend to bring you the most reliable strategies out there, and given time and all your immense help, I'm sure this will also be the case for Legion!

09/17/2016 - Xu-Fu goes on vacation

After todays "Sir Galveston" Marathon, it's time for some quietness. As the title says, Xu-Fu is going on a vacation!

I'll be gone for a week and won't be able to check any strategies or make updates. But please don't stop sending me your thoughts and suggestions, I'll go through them when I'm back!

Have a great time on the Broken Isles and see you next week!

09/14/2016 - Level 110!

It was a great journey - Legion is definitely an amazing addon, and now I will finally join you all in the hunt for more artefact power! Well, once I unlocked the world quests, that is ;-)

Luckily, fighting the pet battles is already possible even without world quests! So from now on and as much as time permits I'll start re-testing the currently active fights and will update here if necessary.

A big thank you to everyone visiting, commenting, making suggestions and helping make this collection of guides a powerful resource for all us pet battlers!

09/11/2016 - Level 107 - totally Flummoxed!

Today I moved to Stormheim and that grappling hook makes it my favourite zone!

But something else happened as well. Something dreadful and nasty. Yes, I'm speaking about you, Flummox!
I was just waiting for the day when this bugger is active as a world quest, and today is that day!

On the beta I did not have enough pets to test more, so most of the Family achievements were still missing. For those fights, I received an immense number of suggestions from you all.

Thank you very much!!!

It was really overwhelming and showed how strong this community is and how willing everyone is to share and help each other out.
But alas, due to my low level, I couldn't test the fights. That was a problem.

Luckily I got some even more amazing help from Nyari, who took over testing all the submitted strategies and provided me with data that I could upload to Xu-Fu's guides. A big thank you!

Due to the large number of suggestions I won't be able to answer each of them individually. If you can't find yours online, it's most likely because the pets were too rare and hard to obtain or because the strategy didn't work out. Some were relying on crits in the right place or similar, and those are just too unsafe to put up as a guide.
If you want to know exactly the reason why yours was not included, feel free to drop me a message :-)

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