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31.08.2016 - Xu-Fu is taking a nap

Well, not exactly a full nap. More like a lazy cat attitude. Spending almost all my free time in the last weeks for either creating pet strategies, adding them to the page or creating new assets for the Legion pages left me a bit exhausted.

Now that everyone is off to level their characters, run instances and the like, I'm tuning it down a bit. My character is still level 100 and I'm taking it veeeery slow, enjoying the content rather than rushing through. For Xu-Fu, I'm going back to some of the older comments and strategy suggestions that were left unanswered so far, and will add some backend programming that I pushed away for too long.

But even if I can't go to the world quests myself, yet, thanks to the beta almost everything for the new pet battles is set up! So please give it a go once you're level 110, and if you find anything amiss, leave me a comment :-)

27.08.2016 - Did anyone say Rematch?

Rematch is one of the most powerful pet battling addons around. If you are not using it already, there's a lot of good reasons to do so! You can download it from Curse here.

It includes many features and the most important one is to save your team setups in your own collection and load them with a simple click.
I am mentioning it here because Rematch also has an import/export feature, and you can already find Rematch team strings on all of my strategies.

With the Family Familiar achievement there are more than a hundred new teams to be imported, and a comment from one of my visitors gave me the idea to make it a little bit easier for everyone:
On every Family page you will now find a Rematch button as seen in the screenshot. The rest is pretty self-explanatory ^^

Give it a try and let me know if you like it!

21.08.2016 - Roster changes and last preparations

I'm in the final steps to make everything ready for Legion, yet there is still a lot to do! Let me give you a few updates:

  • The Searing Scorchling was one of my favourite pets in the Beta for the Elemental family achievement. Beta is beta and I didn't realize how expensive it is nowadays. It's replaced by the Fel Flame now.
  • The all-beloved Unborn Val'kyr is a very strong pet, yet I avoided it for a long time because of its rarity. That has changed with 7.0.3 sneakily! You will see it pop up a lot more, and if you don't have it at this point, go grab one :-)
  • Special note about the Restless Shadeling. It seems with the current pre-Legion event, the sudden appearance of Dalaran over Karazhan has intimidated the little ghosts and they are not spawning. The Shadeling is part of my Legion roster, but if you still need it you will probably have to wait until the addon is released to capture one.
  • One Legion pet is among my Family Familiar roster: Zoom. It is not hard to get, but obviously not availabe, yet.
  • I'm offering strategies for 34 out of the 37 new pet battle world quests already! For the largest part also leveling strategies (where applicable)
  • When it comes to the family achievement, there are 150 fight combinations available. Yet you only need to finish 120 for the achievements. I'm at 88% for that! 106 strategies are ready to go.

In the coming 9 days until Legion finally arrives I will focus on tidying everything up and getting some answers to all of you who left comments and questions.

Once more, thank you to everyone who stopped by, left a message or contributed!

15.08.2016 - Are you prepared for Legions Pet Battles?

Maybe you are, but are your pets ready as well?
It's no secret Xu-Fu is hard at work to provide you with strategies for all Legion battles right from the start. But to complete them all - especially the Family Familiar achievement - you will need a lot of pets!

Truth is, I had to add a good number of pets to my usual roster, and it's not even fully done, yet!

None of them are super rare, but perhaps you want to check if you have all the pets required for my strategies?
I have something new to show: My very first attempt at an armory check! It's not super polished and you might see some errors, but it does work most of the time. Give it a try, punch in your character details, and Xu-Fu will check what pets you should focus on before the demon invasion is finally upon us:

06.08.2016 - 24 Days To Go

It's not the countdown to Christmas this time, but the one to Legion! In exactly 24 days the addon will be released and I'm in my final stretch of preparations.

I want to apologize at this point to anyone whos comment or question has been unanswered by me. While there are world quests active in the beta where I still need strategies for, I focus on creating those and the last few days have been blessed with such opportunities.

Right now I have strategies for about 75% of the Legion fights! Not everything is uploaded here, but will be in time before the launch.

Thank you for your patience and keep battling!

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