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Once you played your first team to level 25, the real challenges of pet battles open up: quests, achievements, scenarios and many, many more pets! The options and at times also the difficulty can be quite overwhelming, which is why we have the goal to collect and provide the best strategies here in one place.
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  • If not stated otherwise, we assume your pets are level 25 and of blue quality.

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Genn wrote on 11/24/2016

Hi! Thanks for this very butiful guide.
Can You make in Rematch string add other alternate teams? Its better for search best setup for existing pets.
Like: "Humanoid-Amalia-1", "Humanoid-Amalia-2" and etc.


responded on 11/26/2016

Hey Genn!
Thanks for the comment :-)

I'm not sure however what exactly you would like to see. Would you like to have the number of the alternative of the fight here reflected in the Rematch title? Can you explain me to what benefit? I'm open to any suggestions, I just want to understand what it does and what benefit it will have before implementing things :)

Saintgabrial wrote on 11/21/2016

Could you add a Northrend tab. I've been asking around and many people including myself still do the Northrend Pet battle Dailies to level our pets, for they give almost as much EXP as all the rest listed here on this site. I can even provide the Strategies if needed.


responded on 11/22/2016

Hey Saintgabrial! It's very low on my list of possible things to do, I have to admit. Those tamers are for the most part extremely easy to do. Most level 25 pets will manage just fine and it's not very hard to add a level pet to the mix. There are some exceptions, but some of them are already covered in the Elekk Plushie guide.
So for now, I'll have to pass on it because I think some other features of the page are just more useful to the majority. Hope you don't mind!

Shortgrace wrote on 11/20/2016

so I had a pet daily in dalaran last night for Splints Jr. I cant find the pet battle for him on this site is it missing or am i jus overlooking it?

Gráinne responded on 11/20/2016

It's there, under Legion / World Quests.

The name of the quest is Fight Night: Rats! Look for that.

Shortgrace responded on 11/20/2016


Cottonpandÿ wrote on 11/19/2016

Suggestion: On the Legion world quest strategies page, put a note that there is a family familiar achievement attached to those pet battles that have one. That way, the are not inadvertently overlooked.

Saintgabrial responded on 11/21/2016

Here is a great add-on to help with the Family Familiar Achievement.


<a href="http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24028-FamilyFamiliarHelper.html">Link here</a>

This add-on's purpose is to make it easier to see at a glance which pet family has not been used for each tamer for the Family Familiar battle pet achievement.

Also it will open the window for this tracker only if the pet battle your doing is a part of the Family Familiar. So it'll remind you and keep track of the families you've done already.

Cottonpandÿ responded on 11/22/2016

Excellent! Will try that addon out.

TheRenegade wrote on 11/14/2016

Hey there, I am SO glad I found your site. I have been out of WoW since fairly early in WoD and just came back into Legion. Saddened to see that my Rematch had lost all my saved teams and most of the new teams I was finding were including some rare and hard to get pets. Then I found your site!

Oh thank heavens! What a relief, had all of my old teams or at least close enough that it was second nature to pick up where I left off in terms of knowing what I was doing!!

I REALLY appreciate the rematch import links, that is clutch when it comes to making teams. Which leads me into a question/suggestion. What add-ons do you suggest, and it would be nice to have a section dedicated to that on your webpage.

Anyway, keep up the good work!!

Gráinne responded on 11/14/2016

About Addons, I consider
Battle Pet Breed ID
Pet Tracker
essential for everyone.

I use Battle Pet Binds, which gives you keybinds for all functions in a battle, but that's a matter of taste. I do admit I have sometimes pressed the wrong button, so that's a downside. ;)

Derangement’s Pet Battle Cooldowns is useful for PvE, though Pet Tracker's display will probably be enough for you. However, I consider it essential for PvP, to keep an eye on the CDs of pets in the backline.

While you are doing Family Familiar, the addon Family Familiar Helper is small and very convenient.

Somebody really, really, really needs to write an addon that creates a save-able/paste-able log of every battle.

TheRenegade responded on 11/15/2016

I was already using Rematch, and Pet Tracker. I'll give the other two a shot. Generally I don't care to much about breed, but when it comes to doing the Family Familiar, it might be handy to have the right ones. I'm pretty close as it is. Just need to snag about a dozen new pets and then do some levelling, but that's cake in Pandaland

Would be nice to have a Xu-Fu add-on. But why bother when Rematch has it all!

Eilistraee responded on 11/22/2016

@Gráinne Thank you! I didnt know Derangement’s Pet Battle Cooldowns and it's great.
Just a tip: if you use elvUI like me you'll have to turn off battlepet skin in elvUI config (/ec > skins > battlepet) because they don't work together making the buttons overlap.


responded on 11/22/2016

Hey TheRenegade! I'm really happy you like the page and find things useful to you!
A section for useful addons is something I want to do, just need to find the time. It will however be pretty much exactly what Gráinne suggested. Those are the most useful and common addons for pet battlers around.

Saintgabrial responded on 11/22/2016

Here are the Battle Pet add-on's I use.

Battle Pet Daily Tamer
To track the Pet Dailies I do. Puts a Green or Blue paw on the map and when I'm done with that tamer the paw goes away til the next day.

Best one I found to let me see level, rarity and how many pets I currently have while highlighting them out in the world, during Pet Battles, shops and inventories.

This add-on's purpose is to make it easier to see at a glance which pet family has not been used for each tamer for the Family Familiar battle pet achievement.

Also it will open the window for this tracker only if the pet battle your doing is a part of the Family Familiar. So it'll remind you and keep track of the families you've done already.

You can make teams for every Pet Tamer out there and then some. I myself have 118 Teams set up. Not sure if there is a limit.

Does a better job at filtering you pets and better job at showing pet rarity and what not.

Well to track all those pets you want to find out in the world of Azeroth.

Keeps track of the pets (also toys and mounts) that you still need from dungeons, raids and world bosses.


responded on 11/23/2016

Thank you very much for the list! There are some in that I didn't know but that make perfect sense to have (especially the daily tracker ^^).
May I ask why you prefer PetBattleTeams over Rematch? No judging, just curiousity :-)

Saintgabrial responded on 11/23/2016

I have yet to try Rematch. I've heard about it and saw the post above mention it and have looked at it on the site. Just haven't tried yet. Looks like there is a lot to it and not sure if it'll work with all my other add-on's. I'm thinking of trying it this weekend.


responded on 11/26/2016

It should work fine with the others, and is really useful. Can recommend it :-)

Saintgabrial wrote on 11/08/2016

First thing I must say is how awesome this site is and my daughter and I use it regularly. She always tries to do all Pet battles her self with no guides but she has helped me and is putting some of her teams on paper to add to your site here.

Two things I'd like to ask if you could possibly add. One is PVP pets and teams. A guide to help others with the know how of what pets are good to use and what combos.

Second is there a way you could add all the older pet tamers. Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands for those that are learning and and just doing achievements and what not. As well as Northrend and the few from cataclysm for they also give really good pet EXP for leveling pets. All of witch can be either 2 petted or soloed. During the Pet bonus week I do the Northrend and cata zones to level my pets. I lost my notebook and some strategies I don't remember fully. If they were on this site then everyone as well as I can look right here. I could suggest the strategies I know and once I remember the others fully I can also suggest those.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site and for sharing all this info with us.


responded on 11/08/2016

Hello Saintgabrial! Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by regularly!

I'd like to answer your questions here if you don't mind. For PvP I'm not a specialist, and I would not feel comfortable adding a guide if I knew it will never be a really good one. I'd need someone else to write such a guide to add here and keep updated. Since no one is doing that right now, there is no PvP section. I am thinking about a collection of links to PvP guides from other people though!

Regarding the older battles, most of them are so easy (especially the starting zone ones) that almost any level 25 pet can beat them. There are some exceptions like Major Payne, but for most people those are done one time to unlock the further quest chains, and that's it. It would take some considerable time to add these as categories, and while I do want to do that, it's just not a priority right now. There are other areas in which I want to improve the page first, where I think everyone could benefit from much more.

I hope you're not too disappointed, but I prefer to say the exact reasons than to give you some false expectation.

Saintgabrial responded on 11/09/2016

That's fine and sounds reasonable. Thanks

Sela responded on 11/16/2016

If I may be so bold as to but in here, I highly recommend Discodoggy's site for pvp pet battle information: http://pvppetbattles.com/

Lots of great information about pvp pets and even how to build your own pvp pet team.

VonZilla wrote on 11/08/2016

Are the strats made, in some way, to be able to import to Rematch as the teams are?


responded on 11/08/2016

Not automatically, but you can easily copy the strategy table and paste it into a Rematch note :-)

Anonymous responded on 11/10/2016

All good, that does not work well! Note box is not a word editor. Still no worries. Can you play my toon, too!!!???

Love the site -

Mewness wrote on 11/06/2016

Great site, I depend on your guide everyday! But now I'm stuck with the Falcosaur last quest chain - Team Rumble. Hopefully you can update it soon~


responded on 11/06/2016

Hey Mewness!
I'm far from that step myself, making it hard to test :-( And so far I have no idea where to put it up! Will take some time until I have a good idea. Unless you have one perhaps? :-)

Greg wrote on 11/06/2016

Thank you so much for taking the time to make these guides. this has saved me a massive load of time and its simply amazing. Thank you :)

Moikila wrote on 11/06/2016

Hey! First of all thanks for this site, it really speeds ups things and makes everything easier.
I have one suggestions, what about making a PVP tab where you and other people can suggest and show thier pvp pet teams and show thier strategies


responded on 11/06/2016

Hey Moikila!
I considered something like this, but right now my focus is purley on the PvE content. Perhaps in the future!
If you want, check out my blog post outlining my roadmap for the coming months: http://www.wow-petguide.com/index.php?m=1&jumpto=73

Gelmanwar-SH wrote on 11/04/2016

I want to thank you for putting so much effort into this site, for the longest time since coming back after I abandoned the game in Cataclysm I've been working hard on building my pet battle teams, and I recently had my hard drive die and lost my rematch lua file :'( :'( :'( but thanks to your site I now have a huge array of teams to paste and start rebuilding / tuning. The site and teams posted on it will have saved me weeks of effort to get initial teams built again. Thank you soooooo much, was worth more than I could afford to donate sadly I'm a working stiff ;) Thanks again!!


responded on 11/04/2016

Hey Gelmanwar! Thank you so much for the kind words :)
Don't worry about the donation, I appreciate it of course, but the main thing is that the info we are putting together and offering here is helping others!

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