Patch 6.2 Pet Madness!
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Patch 6.2 Pet Madness!
2015-05-15 10:36:12
The upcoming patch 6.2 will not only introduce the Tanaan Jungle as a new zone, but will also add a huge amount of pet battle opportunities. Currently Draenor does not offer many dailies and this patch appears to address this.

Similar to the Beasts of Fable, you will face legendary pets spread throughout the Tanaan Jungle. Luckily you won't have to chase them down since they will stay in place, like the legendary beasts in Pandaria.

However they will pose a different challenge in that they will empower some of their abilities on a randomized basis. This promises to be a completely new experience and I'm looking forward to trying different combos on them!

Together with the battles there will of course be new pets as well. And a lot of them actually! Check out the full descdription on wowhead which will give you a good overview:

WoWhead 6.2 Patch Overview

On a side note: code for alternative fights is done! Now on to adding more of them :D

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