A few updates!
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A few updates!
2018-09-23 14:35:12
Hey :)

Thanks everyone for reaching out about volunteer positions! Still looking, so if you're interested, give me a shout on Discord.

Meanwhile, I have a few news to share around Xu-Fu:

1. A warm (re-) Welcome to the first three volunteers: Nyari, Remte and morazor#2212!

Nyari will work mostly as News Writer and Content Creator for the German version of the page and I will help develop some better tools to make localized versions of the page easier to navigate.
Remte has always been very active in posting advice and finding errors on the page and will now be a Strategy Curator.
morazor#2212 is the author of Magpie and as such the role Content Creator can't be more fitting!

2. You now have the option to include the strategy steps within rematch strings! It is on by default, but you have a slider right below the Rematch button to turn that off, if you wish.

3. A shout out to all strategy creators: I will remove the option to modify tags. Unfortunately, the tags system has been used very inconsistently, and sometimes even to push new strategies to the top by adding every positive tag available without them being true. In the future, more tags will be automated (especially the "Reliable" one), and only strategy curators will have access to tags. In that light, I will also remove all custom tags that have been added so far.
Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience because of this!

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wrote on 10/14/2018

Good point on #3, Let only curator place tags!
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wrote on 10/11/2018

To point 3: Is it even possible to include strategy in the rematch string? It hasn't worked for me yet with any import. Yes I made sure the slider was in the correct position, I definitely have the strategy information in the paste.
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Pike wrote on 09/23/2018

I love the ability to import strategy steps into Rematch.

A couple of minor issues:
1. The rematch string no longer includes minimum health (I think it used to?).
2. Some characters are encoded, e.g. apostrophes appear as #039.
3. This might be a Rematch bug. Sometimes the notes are empty after import. Strategy 1706 is an example of this (if you manually edit out the rematch string that the creator included in the notes then it imports okay).

Thanks for all your hard work.
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wrote on 10/14/2018

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. Had a lot to take care of recently.

1. It was never minimum health but minimum level. That should still be in! If it isn't somewhere, let me know please!
2. Fixed :-)
3. That's a bummer. It's because in this specific strategy, there is a rematch string within the comment which rematch recognizes and tries to add 2 teams. If you remove the rematch string manually from the import string comment, it will work. There is, unfortunately, nothing I can do about it.