Dottie is Now Available for Purchase!
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Dottie is Now Available for Purchase!
2019-12-03 18:53:47
The 2019 Blizzard charity pet, Dottie, is now available for purchase!

We first got to see Dottie at Blizzcon, where the Game Director for Blizzard, Ion Hazzikistas, announced that she would be our 2019 charity pet!

100% of the proceeds will be going to two different charities this year: the Make-A-Wish Foundation and WE.org. The links will send you to the charity pages, if you're interested in seeing what your donations will be going toward.

On top of being ridiculously cute, Dottie also features a unique 'bounce around' idle animation.

Dottie is available for purchase for $10 / €10

Happy Holidays!

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