How Xu-Fu's is Preparing for the Shadowlands Changes
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How Xu-Fu's is Preparing for the Shadowlands Changes
2020-08-02 03:51:22
Hello, everyone!

As you all know, the Shadowlands Beta is in full swing since getting the character copies this past week. With those copies, beta testers also gained access to some of their roster, which means they can now test the pet battle changes!

Here's what Xu-Fu's staff will be doing in the coming weeks to help soften the blow to how many strats will be effected by said changes:

1. Shadowlands Tag

A Shadowlands tag has been added to the site, and will be used in TWO phases:

Phase One -- Beta: During the beta, staff will be testing as many strategies as they can. If you see a Shadowlands tag on a strategy before the changes go to live servers, this means the strategy has been tested by a staff member and it will see NO IMPACT from the Shadowlands changes.

Phase Two -- Live: Once these changes go to live servers, ALL strategies impacted will receive the Shadowlands tag.

Phase Two Part Two -- Live: If a strategy received a Shadowlands tag before the changes are live and will not be impacted, once Shadowlands does go live those tags will be removed.

2. Suggestions for Changes

If a strat needs some kind of change to work once the Shadowlands changes go into effect, and a staff member was able to test the strat, you'll likely see a comment from us on our experience, and what we changed to help make the strat usable again.

Please keep in mind: there are only so many of us here, and thousands of strategies that will be impacted. We will not be able to get to them all before the changes go live, but we'll do our best to prioritize those we feel will have the highest impact first, like dungeons.

3. What You Can Do

If you have beta access, we encourage strategy creators to test their strategies. Some of the adjustments can be made pre-Shadowlands changes, and it won't impact the strat on current live servers. Other adjustments will need to wait for the Shadowlands changes to go live to work properly.

Once you've tested, let us know in the info section of your strategy by putting something like: Shadowlands tested. This way, staff can move on to test other strats.

That's all for now! We're doing our best to make this transition as smooth as possible, and we thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work through these changes.

Happy battling!

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