vs. Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon
Rematch String

Turn 1


Turn 2

Ice Tomb

Turn 3

Ice Barrier

Turn 4


Turn 5


Turn 6


Repeat Turns 1 through 6 until Yu'la is dead. Be careful to never deviate from the rotation.

Mr. Bigglesworth



Any PetAny PetPet Details Bring a level 25 pet that can hit hard, just in case.

Any PetAny PetPet Details Ideally, bring another level 25 pet that can hit hard, just in case ;-)

Turn 1 Claw
Turn 2 Ice Tomb
Turn 3 Ice Barrier
Turn 4 Pass
Turn 5 Claw
Turn 6 Claw
Repeat Turns 1 through 6 until Yu'la is dead. Be careful to never deviate from the rotation.

An emerald statue that came to life.

Last Update: 02/13/2017

Dragonsoleil wrote on 05/06/2017

Blizzard must have nerfed Mr. Bigglesworth or increased Yu'la's defenses, because I had to do this cycle 3 times and Mr. Bigglesworth died. I used Bonkers second, but didn't dodge at the right time and he died...barely made it with my back-up Snail from the Chi-Chi fight. Probably pretty doable with Mr. Bigglesworth and Bonkers though!

Terrybull responded on 05/08/2017

I just did it and it was a real close fight. If you mess up once of the pass your a goner or if she crits. Seems they nerfed or buffed one or the other slightly. Still soloed with him though.

Dragonsoleil responded on 05/12/2017

Tried it again this week and worked splendidly ~ soloed easily! It definitely depends on RNG.

Aelfraed responded on 06/07/2017

don't skip the pass-if you do ice barrier breaks early and you die early. Lucky I had emmigossa as back up and just continued with ice tomb and claw.

Somaloria responded on 06/09/2017

doing this strat every week for the last 3 months, i can assure you, if you failed its either you got crit 3 times, or you messed up the rotation. you CANNOT fail this if you follow it correctly, unless you get crit 3 times.

Atarin wrote on 04/25/2017

Not sure if it's a bug or a hotfix, but this doesn't work anymore. I've been using it pretty neatly for ages but as of this week it seems the interaction between Barrier and Tomb's been tweaked.

Ice Barrier is now blocking Ice Tomb from hitting Yu'la, so she doesn't get stunned and only Lift Off is blocked. Result is Biggles does hardly any damage and goes down fast :<

Cerim Jenkins responded on 04/27/2017

Worked fine for me on both my accounts. And my Sons tried on both their accounts without any issues. Maybe you screwed up your rotation?

Nana wrote on 11/15/2016

I was surprised that this worked so well, first time I've ever used this cutie :).

Duskbunny wrote on 10/22/2016

My Bigglesworth died towards the end of the fight and I used a Darkmoon Zeppelin with Missile and Decoy to finish Yu'lon off. Thanks so much for these guides!

Zaymaa wrote on 09/13/2016

Works every time. Thanks!

Ntina wrote on 05/28/2016

If something goes wrong with the cat, use three flies
that had Scratch, Cocoon Strike, and Glowing Toxin. Apply the toxin and don't let it drop. Use the Cocoon Strike to mitigate the Lift Off, and swap flies after a Cocoon Strike to mitigate some of the Jade Breaths with the other flies' Cocoon Strikes. Use Scratch for filler when needed. The flies were also levels 22 and 23, and two were green quality with the third being rare. All of them had some speed in their stats, but none were really ideal - H/S, P/S, B/B. Being able to take some of the incoming damage off the table led to the toxin doing its work (6% of total health done per tick).

zaymaa responded on 08/17/2016


Remte wrote on 10/13/2015

Even better. I shouldn't have looked on the pure text only. ^^

Something has eaten what I was going to write.
So sorry, but nothing more constructive here.

Remte wrote on 10/06/2015

Not related to battle, but you have a mistake/typo in your flavour text. :) Lacking "s" in the verb.


responded on 10/07/2015

Thanks! Corrected :-)

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Alternative 1Alternative 1Alternative 1Pets used in this fight:

1. Mr. Bigglesworth
2. Any Pet
3. Any Pet

2Alternative 2Alternative 2Pets used in this fight:

1. Clock'em
2. Any Pet
3. Any Pet

Instead of Clock'em you can also use Bonkers. Just make sure he is faster than Yu'la!
3Alternative 3Alternative 3Pets used in this fight:

1. Pandaren Monk
2. Any Level 25 Pet
3. Any Pet

ATTENTION - Bring at least one level 25 pet along that can hit a bit harder. Do not use critters for this one, anything that has a single attack with more than 250 damage. The higher, the better.
4Alternative 4Alternative 4Pets used in this fight:

1. Any Rabbit
2. Any Rabbit
3. Any Pet

5Alternative 5Alternative 5Pets used in this fight:

1. Feline Familiar
2. Kun-Lai Runt
3. Flayer Youngling

6Alternative 6Alternative 6Pets used in this fight:

1. Nether Faerie Dragon
2. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
3. Anubisath Idol

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