vs. Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji
Rematch String

Turn 1


Turn 2

Wild Magic

Turn 3

Swap to your Rapana Whelk

Turn 4

Acidic Goo

Turn 5

Ooze Touch

Turn 6

Ooze Touch

Turns 7+8


Corefire Imp



Any SnailAny SnailAny Snail Details You can use any level 25, blue quality Snail or Whelk.



Any PetAny PetPet Details No specific requirements, pick any pet you like. It won't be used anyway.

Turn 1 Immolation
Turn 2 Wild Magic
Turn 3 Swap to your Rapana Whelk
Turn 4 Acidic Goo
Turn 5 Ooze Touch
Turn 6 Ooze Touch
Turns 7+8 Dive

Chi-Chi, spirit animal of inspiration, harmony and apparently the consumption of butterflies!

Last Update: 02/13/2017

Badjoojoo - SOE wrote on 01/06/2017

Hilariously brutal! :D Love it!

Skilled gamer 64 wrote on 12/22/2016

This strat has NEVER failed for me, it is simply amazing and well put together, it's also the only time I ever use my corefire imp because he seems weak AF for everything else. No idea why people claim this doesn't work.

Garathe wrote on 11/29/2016

All these variations have not worked for me and now I'm out of any pets that are recommended here. This battle sucks

Evilry wrote on 11/12/2016

The last dive get dodge by ChiChi. =_="

Sol wrote on 08/19/2016

I just can't praise the 1 alternative tactic! It's so short and smooth, Chi-Chi used to be a nightmare for me to beat, I wish I knew this setup sooner:)

Ravynsur responded on 11/06/2016

Holy crap this was an amazing and easy strat. Xu-Fu is amazing.

infernal wrote on 09/28/2015

For the very lazy. Nexus whelp x3. Arcane storm and then use surge on each whelp untill chi-chi dies.

Remte responded on 10/16/2015

Correct, but an amount of bookmarks seems to be technically limited. One option has already involved a Nex, so it isn't that it remains unrecognised. :)


responded on 10/17/2015

Thanks for the suggestion nevertheless! I'll give it a try :-)


responded on 07/19/2016

After a revamp of the strategies here - this one is added now as another alternative :D

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Alternative 1Alternative 1Alternative 1Pets used in this fight:

1. Corefire Imp
2. Any Snail
3. Any Pet

2Alternative 2Alternative 2Pets used in this fight:

1. Sen'jin Fetish
2. Jade Oozeling
3. Darkmoon Eye

3Alternative 3Alternative 3Pets used in this fight:

1. Gilnean Raven
2. Feline Familiar
3. Coilfang Stalker

4Alternative 4Alternative 4Pets used in this fight:

1. Any Snail
2. Any Snail
3. Any Snail

5Alternative 5Alternative 5Pets used in this fight:

1. Ghostly Skull
2. Nexus Whelpling
3. Crimson Geode

6Alternative 6Alternative 6Pets used in this fight:

1. Voodoo Figurine
2. Giant Sewer Rat
3. Any Pet

If you are very unlucky, your Sewer Rat won’t manage. Try at your own risk and if you can, bring a third strong pet along.
7Alternative 7Alternative 7Pets used in this fight:

1. Nexus Whelpling
2. Nexus Whelpling
3. Nexus Whelpling

Strategy kindly suggested by infernal, thanks!
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