Wailing Critters - Pet Battle Dungeon #1

Patch 7.2 brings one of the most anticipated features in the pet battling world: a new pet battle dungeon!

If you want to play the dungeon on challenge mode, please select the red skull on the top left.

To follow Xu-Fu's guides into the challenge mode, you will need 3 random rare level 25 pets and the pets in this table:





Teroclaw Hatchling



Level PetTeroclaw Hatchling is used against:
Deviate Smallclaw
Deviate Chomper
Deviate Flapper


Emerald Proto-Whelp



Level PetEmerald Proto-Whelp is used against:
Growing Ectoplasm 1
Growing Ectoplasm 2
Everliving Spore





Level PetHydraling is used against:


Zandalari Anklerender



Level PetZandalari Anklerender is used against:
Growing Ectoplasm 2





Level PetIkky is used against:
Everliving Spore


Any Beast



Level PetAny Beast is used against:
Everliving Spore


Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling



Level PetMechanical Pandaren Dragonling is used against:
Growing Ectoplasm 1


Clockwork Gnome



Level PetClockwork Gnome is used against:


Darkmoon Tonk



Level PetDarkmoon Tonk is used against:
Son of Skum


Darkmoon Zeppelin



Level PetDarkmoon Zeppelin is used against:
Son of Skum


Iron Starlette



Level PetIron Starlette is used against:


Lil' Bling



Level PetLil' Bling is used against:

To enter the dungeon you only need one level 25 pet in your collection (although it is recommended to have a few more ^^). Head over to Dalaran above the Broken Isles and visit the pet shop. Either Serr'ah or Lio the Lioness will offer you a breadcrumb quest to fly all the way over to the Wailing Caverns in the Barrens.
When you arrive, visit Muyani on top of the entrance and you will be offered the quest Wailing Critters. Muyani will also start the scenario for you.

Inside the dungeon, you will have to beat six waves of enemy pets. In your very first run, you can heal your pets in between each fight. This is the normal mode.
In the respective section here (green skull) you will find some strategies that work well. While having more pets is recommended to be done faster, most of the individual combinations will even work for the whole dungeon (with the help of a lot of healing).
Beating the dungeon on normal mode will reward you with one Ultimate Battle Training Stone.

It also unlocks the Challenge Mode, during which you cannot heal or revive your pets, much like the Celestial Tournament. If you also beat this additional challenge, you get an achievement and two rewards, the pet Son of Skum and a new satchel, the Damp Pet Supplies which has a chance for one of these:

The main challenge is not in the individual fights (like it was with the Celestial Touranment), because the fights are not very hard. The difficult part is the amount of fights that will slowly drain the number of full-health pets in your collection.
If you have a large collection of pets at your disposal, the challenge mode won't be hard for you.

dngnb8 wrote on 08/04/2017

Throughout this dungeon, you will see Teroclaw Hatchling and Anypet as your 2nd and 3rd options. Pick pets with Wish as your 3rd option. I prefer the Hyjal Wisp with Evasion and Wish. The evasion allows you a round of freedom to cast wish if when need it. It also allows you to dodge things like Whirlpool. Also remember, park your Teroclaw on low health but with Nature's Ward active. NW still heals it on the bench. Between Wish and NW, you should never lose your Hatchling.

Other pets with Wish, Celestial Calf, Magic Lamp, Magical Crawdad and Zao

Tutonik wrote on 05/19/2017

It appears you also have to be 110 to pick up the quest. I went with an 101 Alt to park there and ! was greyed out.

Gaffa wrote on 04/26/2017

Feels a bit sad once you're done and dusted with this event. I have all the pets now... doesn't seem like I have any reason to go back. Was over too quick!!


responded on 04/27/2017

You must have been very lucky though! I only got one pet out of the satchel so far :/ But the dungeon is still a nice pastime, and you can always sell duplicate pets if you want ^^

Remte responded on 04/28/2017

Congrats! The Venomfang and Moccasin come in multiple breeds (different stats) though. Maybe you'd still look for a specific one. :)

Failingcritter wrote on 04/18/2017

Is this a one-time weekly per account or per char dungeon? I got lucky and an Everliving Spore and now wonder if I can send another char there or if it would be a waste.


responded on 04/18/2017

To my knowledge it is an account wide weekly quest, much like the Celestial Tournament

Lilyoptra wrote on 04/16/2017

Could you modify the text above about how to get to Wailing Caverns for this. Breanni's pet, Manapoof, (also in the pet shop) will send you straight to Muyani (not sure if Manapoof always had this option though as we didn't discover it until after the first time there.) May help others getting there.


responded on 04/17/2017

This option only becomes available after you beat the dungeon once.

nes wrote on 04/01/2017

This list is crap. You make a list here of pets to take into the place.. then all the strats involve pets that aren't on this list ! Seriously ?


responded on 04/02/2017

It helps to read the text above it. Click on the red skull, that is for the challenge mode and features exactly the pets listed here.

Celadorada responded on 04/11/2017

Worked like charm for me and I didn't need to use all the pets suggested.

Anonymous wrote on 03/30/2017

Fragment of Suffering and Mr. Bigglesworth are not listed in the main article here, but they're part of the primary strategies.

Tyrsa responded on 03/31/2017

The pets listed are the ones for hard mode strats, presumably this would be the minimum group/number of pets needed to get through the whole thing, normal or not.
Alternate strats just mean more pets to level for those catching up, but they are still great as back up strats and for those who've already leveled umpteen hundred pets ;)

Kuanim wrote on 03/29/2017

Emerald Whelpling has the same skillset ( Breath, Presence, Dream) as EPW, if you don't want to try to catch a second one.

Remte responded on 03/30/2017

Dream Whelpling aswell.
Emerald Whelpling may work too but it doesn't have supportive stats.

Mintari wrote on 03/25/2017

Are you able to have Eternal Strider cast Cleansing Rain than forfeit the match like in the Celestial Touranment, to keep your pets at full health?


responded on 03/26/2017

Most of the enemies have a damaging spell in their first run, so this will not work. Also for the common enemies (not the bosses), your pets lose a percentage of their health when you forfeit. It's not a useful tactic in this dungeon.

On the other hand, right now on PTR you can simply log to an alt and heal your pets any time during the dungeon. Slight oversight - I did not add it to the guide because it's clearly a bug and will be fixed at some point :-)

Remte responded on 03/29/2017

For non-common fights, you can use Hyjal Wisp's EvanescenceWish → swapping to another pet, provided the Wisp is faster than the opponent (haven't checked yet where it is ^^).

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