New Feature incoming!
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New Feature incoming!
2015-05-12 20:43:53
The Darkmoon Faire is over already and new challenges await!
To me work on the page never stops and I'm delighted to see it kicking off so well.
By now Xu-Fu sees about 150 visitors every day from all over the world. Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks to everyone who is leaving a comment or suggesting new features.

Oh yeah, what is that about new features!?
I'm currently working on one and it's almost done: alternative strategies!

Once everything is ready you will see tabs appear next to some fights just like in the screenshot here. I hope you will find a good way to beat your opponents with these, and if you want to suggest another alternative, please leave a comment here, at the fight directly or through facebook. I'll test these and add them if they work :-)

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